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How about some dud F-35s to go with your dud Superhornets and Growlers strays?, submitted: 2/20/2018 2:07:09 PM, 1 points (+3|-2)

Timing is everything around here., submitted: 2/20/2018 2:36:30 PM, 1 points (+5|-4)

WaaWaaWeeWaa! Thanks for the tip lifehacker I shall learn more of this 'pre-order', submitted: 2/22/2018 9:52:25 AM, 1 points (+2|-1)

Youre all evil cunts but through it all the good shit still shines through, submitted: 2/23/2018 8:35:18 AM, 1 points (+2|-1)

That moment when you've only seen the Play School host of the day in one show, submitted: 2/27/2018 1:08:22 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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Account Deleted By User submitted by LiftAFinger to movies

i_scream_trucks 0 points 108 points (+108|-0) ago

Well now rotten tomatoes....

If you are blocking negative ratings on a movie ratings website then it is no longer a movie ratings website and your dumb asses just unjustified themselves from existance.

Click HERE to learn 14 EASY words that will INSTANTLY improve your life and piss off all leftists! submitted by ComedicGoat to whatever

i_scream_trucks 2 points 46 points (+48|-2) ago

I can do it in 4.

Hitler did nothing wrong.

Anon waits seven years to destroy someone submitted by I_Would_Gas_You to 4chan

i_scream_trucks 0 points 41 points (+41|-0) ago

Jesus Christ talk about weaponised autism....

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Let's imgaine the house passes a bill banning "assault rifles" and Trump signs it. The law now says you have a week to turn in your firearms. What do you do? submitted by RightHandOfTheGoat to whatever

i_scream_trucks 34 points -33 points (+1|-34) ago

Lel you'll be crying like a little bitch when they laugh at you and walk away with your daisy rifle.

2 weeks notice from a Dick's employee submitted by hats_ to whatever

i_scream_trucks 24 points -23 points (+1|-24) ago

Dont let the door hit you in your redneck ass on the way out...

Jews need to get rid of 2 amendment to prepare for world currency transition submitted by KEKjudo to politics

i_scream_trucks 17 points -16 points (+1|-17) ago

And yet a dude can run around in circles in the middle of the street in NEW YORK screaming allahu ackbar and try to rip people out of their cars and not one of those '40-50 million tbh' heros of the second amendment either a) tried to shoot him or b) run him over.

THAT is what your gun fetish gets you. All big words and threats to kill government people trying to take away your toys from really fucking mouthy random pussies behind computer screens but being scared fucking little bitches when the time comes because you dont recognize the fucking club lock in your hand or the tire iron in your boot as a weapon because it doesn't go bang and you actually have to get near the scary thing. Fuck me every single one of your fucking 300 million people are armed from birth but cant fight your way out of a way paper bag without gunpowder....