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Good bye Reddit submitted by Elfchiro to theawakening

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Looking for an upvote for a long-time lurker if there is one to be had.


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I like to ponder that a big chunk of the $$ I pay in taxes every year that gets ear-marked to classified, black programs run by folks like David Brock who pay shills to pollute this and other subverses. It must make the Deep State chuckle to think they have us paying for our own duping. Then, on top of our tax dollars, we pay even MORE to watch Hollywood movies that tell us how we should think about everything from politics to social issues. Still, I think the general population is getting it's money's-worth as they seem to be largely immune to reality. I guess that's how they want it.

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Ted Gunderson was controlled opposition, married Church of Satan heiress Diana Lively, his job was to expose Aquino and Satanic CIA child abduction, then discredit his own investigation submitted by DeathTooMasons to pizzagate

human_2000 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I don't necessarily agree that Gunderson is controlled opposition. The evidence he is controlled opposition seems to be that he married Diana Rively. Poster doesn't mention that the same sources claiming the marriage also claim he divorced her in less than a year.

The sources claim to have spoken to Ted Gunderson by phone and not in-person. They spoke mostly to Diana Rively. Isn't it just possible they found someone who can manage to sound a bit like Ted Gunderson to call the sources and introduce them to Diana by exclaiming "I got married!". Apparently, there is a note or something both sources claim to have received from Ted. If they can fake a President's birth certificate (however badly), they can certainly fake a note.

Perhaps he DID get married, realized he was being duped by a Satanist succubus and had been married by a "priest" from the Church of Satan. He probably figured it doesn't count since there are no court records, he doesn't believe in Satanism and the priest probably wasn't vested by the state with the power to marry anybody.

Why would a Satanist marry anyway? Seems unlikely that the "heiress to the Church of Satan" would want to enter into the sanctity of marriage with anybody. Unless she was just trying to be a Satanic succubus.

Besides, People from the Church of Satan lie. That's what they do. That's why they are IN the church of Satan. When the devil lies, he is speaking his native language.

Also, the account says Diana Rively spoke for some time with the sources by phone about her work at the CIA. Really? What in the world did they have to talk about that wasn't confidential, secret or top secret?

Was it even Diana Rively they spoke to on the phone? How would they know if it wasn't even her? Are they personal acquaintances of hers?

Seems likely to me that some folks are just lying about stuff. They knew they couldn't keep up the charade that Ted Gunderson was married for very long. So they claimed they received a note from Ted indicating the reason for the divorce was that Diana was keeping from his work. Clearly, they couldn't say Ted's note indicated he found out she was a Satanist and divorced her for that reason. That would restore too much of Ted's credibility. So they made his motive for divorce selfish.

1992 FBI Behavioural Science Unit Report into Satanic Ritual Abuse advises LEOs to 'Minimize Satanic/Occult Aspect" in Child Sexual Abuse Investigations. submitted by icuntstopswearing to pizzagate

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Not enough emphasis on the ways in which our Government has been infiltrated by compromised child abusers. In our current climate, pedophilia is considered a "rite of passage". In other words, to enjoy the benefits, protection and favor awarded those who are compromised, a candidate must: 1. Be demonstrably guilty of crime(s) which are completely intolerable by society at large. 2. Be capable of operating for long periods of time with no remorse and indifference to suffering they cause. 3. As a bonus, if they happen to be a person that "comes-off" as nice, they will go particularly far. 4. As a bonus, if they happen to be a minority, they are additionally protected as their detractors are simply labeled prejudiced. (Sexist or racist are particularly compelling terms.)

Imran Awan arraignment with HRC lawyer. Watch his hands as he exits hold the Illuminat/Scottish Rite hand to let them all know. Evidence found of direct connection to D.C. Scottish Rite MasterMason. submitted by Jem777 to pizzagate

human_2000 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Why is he walking in the open? Just asking so that after he is killed (or suicided), the news media can point to the fact that we saw it coming.