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Account Deleted By User submitted by DominicTesla to pizzagate

hopeforall 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago

What the fuck? These people are fucking psychopaths for sure!

From the Article

"We consider rape an efficient form of biological warfare that is inexpensive to implement, effective over large areas, and does not particularly endanger the attackers. Its effectiveness relies on the perception, deeply embedded in patriarchal societies, that women's sexuality is a prefecture of male ownership, and it is linked to the persistence of unequal gender relations and particularly to the way women's bodies are regarded ([8], p. 45). Its impact is multiplied when the woman becomes pregnant and the attack is then passed on to the next generation [9].

Rape with extreme violence, as evidenced in the DRC today, is implemented in three ways: (i) gang rape, usually by three or more men, leading to a high risk of injury; (ii) genital mutilation; and (iii) intentional transmission of sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and HIV. Extremely violent rape has been documented in the report of 492 REV survivors in South Kivu: 57.3% of the women were convinced that the extreme violence and cruelty inflicted on them by armed forces was “proof that there was a plan to destroy and exterminate the Congolese people or in any case the communities that these women belonged to” ([8], p. 48). Seventy-two percent of women reported that they were tortured during the rape itself (beaten, wounded with machetes, genitally mutilated/burned by drops of plastic melted by flame), and 12.4% had had objects inserted into their vaginas (sticks, bottles, green bananas, pestles coated in chili pepper, rifle barrels); some women, after being raped, were killed by shots fired into their vaginas ([8], p. 34). Many women interviewed also believed that the rapes are aimed at destroying women's identity by means of “ethnic cleansing,” and that spreading HIV/AIDS and impregnating women are also deliberate acts ([8], p. 49). Such a strategy was prevalent in the Rwandan genocide ([10], p. 49])."

You wanna see how messed up this all is? Type in "webcam video from" into Youtube. submitted by dayoftherake to pizzagate

hopeforall 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago

How is this debunked? Ok I haven't clicked any any of the links so I don't know what they are but if they are what people say they are then I don't think that this can truly be debunked.

Just in. Indisputable truth that Qanon is a Trump insider and predicts POTUS tweets. submitted by bopper to pizzagate

hopeforall 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

It's very possible we never went to the moon. In the rush to prove superiority against the soviets they may have faked a moon landing so it's plausible, except for one thing, the laser reflector. People can do their own experiments and point their own lasers at the point on the moon where the reflector is located and get back a reflected light beam. The distance from earth to the moon can be measured by sending pulses of laser light to the reflector and measuring the timing of the pulses as they return.

I think most people are very open minded and can discuss and debate things the way I just did, so don't underestimate people. The elites do this all the time, they think of the rest of us as sheep.

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Should I make my posts more clickbaitey so people gain interest in them? submitted by hopeforall to askgoat

hopeforall 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Well the point isn't whether or not he does because it's an ongoing citizens investigation. The point is should I make articles which could have important information contained in them more clickbaity to encourage people to read them?

JEWS. submitted by vonbacon to AskVoat

hopeforall 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Wait. Nobody would actually think of trying to kill them all again would they?

New line of investigation on Madelline Mccann submitted by pizzagote to pizzagate

hopeforall 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Despite what many think I'm not 100% convinced the parents killed Maddie. It seems too strange that they found so mnay pedophiles on the Algarve after this, and Clement Fraud (yes I know I spelled it that way lol) had a villa nearby and some seem to think the podestas were friends of his and were staying there, I'd just like to see some records of who was occupying his apartment at that time. It also seems like someone may have broken in to and been hiding in the Mccann's apartment prior to the disappearance. I'm not saying they couldn't have been involved with Kate saying they've taken her, it seems like she knew who "they" were. Perhaps they had debts of some sort and the time had run out for them to pay so instead the debtors took their daughter as payment. Perhaps the debtors decided to sell her to pedophiles over there to make the money they were owed, and there are many pedophiles over there.