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We need a 'show parent' button for comment replies on the inbox page., submitted: 7/7/2015 6:01:35 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Ultraviolet image of the sun during a C3-class solar flare, causing a 'solar tsunami' (wave moving up/right), submitted: 7/6/2015 6:22:50 PM, 11 points (+11|-0)

Synchronized, submitted: 7/6/2015 6:30:23 PM, 14 points (+14|-0)

How to win Snake... I could watch this all day, submitted: 7/6/2015 6:13:57 PM, 19 points (+19|-0)

You were the first child born in Man's first colony on Mars. 20 years later, your family is taking a vacation to visit earth. What are you most excited for?, submitted: 7/15/2015 3:05:00 PM, 23 points (+23|-0)

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Pao petition reach 200,000 signatures submitted by Year3030 to news

hbr 3 points 35 points (+38|-3) ago

dont do that... sure, the site got shitty, but there are a lot of good posts from the past that will still be fun to look at in the future. There are threads that will still be worth reading for younger generations. If you think you have ever had a comment that was worthwhile, don't use shreddit to erase those.

I wouldn't care if everyone in the world stopped using reddit today, but that doesn't mean we should all pretend we were never there in the first place. If everyone in the world deleted all of there past comments and posts, it would be a shame. A lot of good archived conversations would be lost.

It's probably too late, but can we try not make subverses have the suffix-"porn" submitted by MooseOnTheLoose to AskVoat

hbr 0 points 26 points (+26|-0) ago

on a similar note, could we choose to make /v/whoadude more popular than the incorrectly spelled version, /v/woahdude?

edit: Fun fact: Before this website was called 'Voat', it was named 'WhoaVerse'

Why do we need 100 votes to downvote on voat? submitted by mediocrescientist to AskVoat

hbr 0 points 20 points (+20|-0) ago

There is absolutely no downside to handing out upvoats, right? They aren't limited in any way, and upvoating others doesn't somehow take something away from me? So why don't we all just upvoat liberally for a while. Every other comment, or every comment you see which contributes to a conversation in some way? Just to get the ball rolling.

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Police Abduct 10 Children From A Family In Kentucky Because Of Their Off The Grid Lifestyle submitted by dv1155 to news

hbr 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago

effective home education is a great substitute for formal schooling, but these parents were living in a tent, not trying to teach there kids anything about the real world. That is not effective home education.

Why is Chris KrispyKreme cracking down on marijuana instead of donuts since he's so concerned about self-indulgence? submitted by deleted to AskVoat

hbr 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Okay, I hate the man too, he would make a terrible president. But can we please not post and upvoat this type of slanted bullshit? That isn't the point of this subverse. Shit like this makes me want to go back to reddit, where at least the moderators remove posts to keep the front page full of GOOD CONTENT.

Your browser history becomes a live list accessible by anyone who looks at your social media profiles. How do your internet habbits change? submitted by Tomtortoise to AskVoat

hbr 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

better yet, give it a random list of pages, some from wikipedia, some from pornhub, some from voat, amazon, just a ton of random sites. People would just assume that its bugged or inaccurate and couldn't decipher the actual page views from the random ones.