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CSE battles MASSRESISTANCE on youtube over PEDOCATION of 5 year olds. Appauling and discusting! submitted by happyhappy to pizzagate

happyhappy 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago

Every parent should know this, even if you agree with it you should know

Repost: Pizzagate is wrong about the Silsby - Clinton Connection and the Alefantis - Silsby Connection submitted by RweSure to pizzagate

happyhappy 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago

All very interesting and well prepared but the proof of Silsby arrested and jailed for having "known" NON orphans in actual transportation out of the country busted your case. Silsby now is a chief director of Amber Alert after being busted AND CONVICTED in Haiti? You have to have serious pull with in the government to be approved for that high paying position of authority, those jobs are impossible to get!!!. Here is more evidence of wikileak proof of connection to Silsby. Laura silsby was CONVICTED in Haiti but she served no time. Toothless courts are powerless below Hillaries connections alot of the time. I think your time is better spent else where because this is full of holes, sorry, just sayin...:) keep on a keepin on, dust yourself off! Your report SHOWS you care and are trying.

Repost: Pizzagate is wrong about the Silsby - Clinton Connection and the Alefantis - Silsby Connection submitted by RweSure to pizzagate

happyhappy 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago

You read my post wrong. I said Silsby is A chief officer. Why was Silsby free to go home and have a good life? Sec of state is involved with consulates hence Benghazi. My case is rested. I feel like I'm spinning around in a jacuzzi. :) your case is spinning in the mud an d it sounds like a tactic of the "stall and stall and stall" there are way to many good people here that your not going to confuse and your getting the " nothing to see here folks" signal from them. It's been entertaining though.

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My page and the main page of Pizzagate wiki have been suspended and Rebelskum has not come online for several weeks submitted by pizzagatewikivendeta to pizzagate

happyhappy 5 points -3 points (+2|-5) ago

I see that The Wayback Macine is hacked AGAIN. gets hacked all the time. Micheal Aquino has scrubbed himself off the pizzagate WIKI, probably with a cloth like the Hill. The great octopus squirts and is gone for a more convienient time like a great villian. His name is from the bible. The great Archangel Micheal who serves the living God YHWH as the leader of millions in YHWHs angelic army and Micheal is the one that leads YHWHs army into battle against the great dragon satan. Micheal IS Jesus because once more the bible says that Jesus is the ONLY angelic army leader, thats how we know that Jesus Is Micheal the Arch Angel in his heavenly life. Archangel means that he has the highest position in the heavenly realm. Jesus sits at the right hand of YHWH in heaven. the ONLY archangel in the bible. Lucifer is a latin translation for the "shing one" from a passage in bible where it talks about satans heavenly life before corruption, he serves the opposition satan as satans Micheal. The bible refers to satan as the bird catcher and the lion that walks around seeking to devour someone Thats why you see all these lions everywhere and also the bird cage is a famous TATOO amongst satan worshippers, it glorifies the bird catcher satan whom they serve. These are ancient practices of Star Worship. Why do all these churches , government builings, rich mans homes have domes for worshiping the stars! Sorry about the site, mayby rebelscum was just that.

Do you believe in God? submitted by posr to AskVoat

happyhappy 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Yes, But which one there are 1000s just in India alone. I believe because of proof, the God of the Bible YHWH which teaches a lot about Satan and where Satan worship symbols come from. They hate it when you say that. They know who wins at the end of the Bible. Voat has been deleting my comments on this subject. They believe the public shouldn't know I guess, I don't know for sure. I was told by Vindicator to stop my gibberish and then I was deleted for talking about what the Bible says. Then I see you here but I noticed there isn't much Bible talk about Satan. The Bible explains why satanist do what they do, this religion is 1000s of years old why wouldn't people want to know this info or block others from it. Any ideas? These aren't my own ideas, these were written down 1000s of years ago. Who was I hurting?

Do you believe in God? submitted by posr to AskVoat

happyhappy 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago

No body wants to hear the Bible and it has all the answers! They dream and churn for knowledge but they receive none. 2 Corinthians 4:4 gives us the answer why. It's sad cuz it's here in people's faces they can't see it. The Bible says only God can lift the veil of knowledge for a person but the person has to want it first. Jesus was a teacher, that means we are students. Does the student teach the teacher? No. The Bible says become like a little child to learn, a child has no preconceived ideas about God. Like ur comment and smile.