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We are Channon and Christopher. We were kidnapped by five African American, raped, tortured, forced to drink bleach, burned and dismembered... and the mainstream media said nothing., submitted: 2/12/2017 12:33:52 PM, 392 points (+400|-8)

This is Carlos Silva..., submitted: 2/27/2017 11:01:17 PM, 360 points (+375|-15)

I am hearing disturbing rumors..., submitted: 3/3/2017 3:13:57 PM, 359 points (+369|-10)

Regarding the Second Amendment..., submitted: 3/17/2017 12:03:45 PM, 330 points (+339|-9)

Study finds 60% of comments defending Obamacare on Facebook are posted by just 100 accounts, who are only active during office hours, submitted: 3/11/2017 1:04:02 AM, 311 points (+316|-5)

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Muslim explains why saying "Merry Christmas" is worse than murder... also Merry Christmas everyone!, submitted: 12/5/2016 9:36:44 AM, -12 points (+85|-97)

Leaked Video Shows Hillary Celebrating Election Night!, submitted: 11/22/2016 1:07:09 PM, -8 points (+2|-10)

Subverse configuration allowing mods to verify posts before they become visible to users., submitted: 2/17/2016 12:20:31 AM, -6 points (+2|-8)

EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, submitted: 7/23/2016 1:14:23 PM, -6 points (+1|-7)

Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, submitted: 7/23/2016 1:15:40 PM, -6 points (+1|-7)

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Obama: We are to blame, not Islamic terrorism, for massacre submitted by arniecuntingham to news

guinness2 1 points 161 points (+162|-1) ago

Obama is a disgusting piece of shit to insult the memory of those who were murdered yesterday in the name of Islam.

No words can express my contempt for Obama: he deserves to have his teeth punched in for his disgraceful Muslim cock-gobbling.

Now is not the time to promote the Islamic terrorist ideology.

Both Obama and Hillary should be ashamed of how disgusting they are.

"Wrong Hood, B*tch!" - Couple Stomps on Girl for Being in Wrong Neighborhood (Video) submitted by J3w1sh_Neocon to news

guinness2 18 points 156 points (+174|-18) ago

It's a shame she wasn't black, because Black Lives Matter.

50 million Africans face hunger after crops fail again submitted by BOARDSISGREAT to news

guinness2 6 points 142 points (+148|-6) ago


Those white farmers that were forced to flee for their lives out of South Africa are now harvesting huge crops in Zambia!

The drought didn't stop at the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia because there is no drought: the only issue is that niggers chased away white farmers before tearing up the irrigation infrastructure to sell as scrap! That's how fucking stupid those niggers are!

The issue is the only skill that South African niggers have is to starve to death while surrounded by a wealth of fertile farmland.

White countries need to stop giving welfare to Africa because that only enables them to learn nothing from their stupidity and to breed: and no issue was ever resolved by adding more niggers to it!

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Muslim college student who claimed Trump supporters attacked her on the subway under arrest for making story up submitted by Joker68 to politics

guinness2 75 points -72 points (+3|-75) ago

Disgusting member of the Islamic terrorist ideology behaves like a disgusting member of the Islamic terrorist ideology... and people are surprised... why?

Fellow Goaters: I Am The New Breed. I Am The Future. I Am Your Worst Nightmare. I Am An Authoritarian Liberal. submitted by SpookyTooth to politics

guinness2 63 points -34 points (+29|-63) ago

Conservatives will be thrown in the fucking gulag. Or maybe I might shoot them. I haven't decided yet.

This is a political discussion forum for adults, not a creative writing forum.

If you want to escape into fantasies about murdering conservatives, please do it elsewhere.

Edit: Ha ha! Vote manipulation is everything I expect from a triggered cuck.

Patriots: Shills are buying downvoats @ Voat because they learned that Godwin's law isn't working for them. Guess what, artificial downvoats won't stop us either. They're crumbling before our eyes. submitted by Rummel to politics

guinness2 32 points -20 points (+12|-32) ago

Suggesting that the African American culture of looting, raping and murder isn't something to be proud about or that it's the duty of all civilized people who respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to oppose pedophile worshiping members of the Islamic terrorist ideology is also occasionally sufficient to trigger those who lack the intellectual wherewithal to defend their convictions.

Edit: Hmmm, I wonder how much weak-minded cucks spend per day on paying for down-votes? Ha ha!