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deleted by user submitted by w00zi to AskVoat

greycloud 4 points 306 points (+310|-4) ago

i like free speech. give em some containment boards and watch for organized attacks coming from them. let em bitch, but just watch them. most illegal content is posted by SJW's in an attempt to shut down a site that advocates for free uncensored speech. haters gonna hate, don't feed the trolls the eat enough already.

University of York just cancelled plans to celebrate International Men's Day because "gender equality work should continue to be on the inequalities faced by women". submitted by skymod to politics

greycloud 4 points 108 points (+112|-4) ago

this was started by feminists, if i get 50 upvotes i will write a template that you can copy and paste to send to york university and complain that this is sexism and that inequalities faced by women in college is obviously bullshit since there are more women in college than men.

Young white people are losing their faith in the American Dream submitted by FreeSpeachRocks to news

greycloud 6 points 75 points (+81|-6) ago

part of the dream is having a pretty wife that you want to come home too. feminism has destroyed that dream. in 1986 i was in 3rd grade getting payed for a job i had helping delivering newspapers. how is that coming along now? see many 8 and 9 year old employed children? that wasn't so rare back then. so where are those great jobs? seems to me a lot of the blue collar market is gone, or if it exists it pays peanuts. oh but the same number of jobs are available you see, working at a steel mill for 18 dollars an hour is comparable to minimum wage at mcdonalds. nevermind that restaurant work used to be primarily a job for high school and college students.

it used to be if you were willing to work hard you could succeed. now if you work hard you can survive. it used to be that if you smart with your choices you could land a loyal pretty wife and a nice house. now if you are smart you won't get stuck with a divorce and her taking the house you worked for. the old dream is just that, a dream. it is not achievable to most people, and those that do manage to make it are more from luck than hard work (not that hard work isn't involved, but that just buys you the lottery ticket now).

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Did I read that second one correctly? submitted by Browngaijin to SJWHate

greycloud 45 points -38 points (+7|-45) ago

face the statistics, if it is your child than you are probably the one raping him/her.

Antonio E. Gonzalez Faggot who tweeted how happy he was children died in TX shooting. Was doxxed, now getting death threats! submitted by Rellik88 to whatever

greycloud 34 points -29 points (+5|-34) ago

what is sad is that a lot of those kids probably died virgins.

Goats whenever some idiot tries to post kiddie porn on Voat submitted by gabara to funny

greycloud 30 points -22 points (+8|-30) ago

in order to protect free speech, we must censor speech? that is an attack on free speech. shutting down free speech means censorship.