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And gradually he began to hate them..., submitted: 5/31/2018 7:12:27 AM, 344 points (+346|-2)

Dehumanizing, submitted: 5/18/2018 5:15:42 PM, 239 points (+243|-4)

Fuck whitey, submitted: 6/22/2018 3:19:03 AM, 239 points (+241|-2)

RacismDog gets put down, submitted: 6/20/2018 10:37:48 AM, 226 points (+231|-5)

#MenAreTrash, submitted: 8/15/2018 11:56:07 PM, 221 points (+221|-0)

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Free speech cannot exist if we want to win, submitted: 6/14/2018 12:36:55 AM, -10 points (+2|-12)

The jew fears the bitminer, submitted: 7/2/2018 8:06:03 AM, -1 points (+4|-5)

The truth behind why women have (((gay besties))), submitted: 7/3/2018 10:37:52 PM, -1 points (+2|-3)

(((Investigative Reporter))) Attempts to Ruin Drumpf on His Immigration Policies and Utterly Fails, submitted: 6/26/2018 1:12:13 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Niggers don't deserve to be employed, submitted: 5/28/2018 3:22:33 AM, 1 points (+4|-3)

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Liberal plan for 2020 submitted by NorthernMan to whatever

goytoynamedtroy 6 points 42 points (+48|-6) ago

At least (((they))) are finally admitting what their end goal is.

That Happened. submitted by discoball to whatever

goytoynamedtroy 0 points 34 points (+34|-0) ago

You win the bad timing award.

That said, god bless you for the service and sorry you had to deal with all of that.

Reflections submitted by NorthernMan to whatever

goytoynamedtroy 0 points 28 points (+28|-0) ago

I love Sarah Andersen edits.

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A friendly reminder: Stand straight. submitted by SOULESS to whatever

goytoynamedtroy 15 points -11 points (+4|-15) ago

Woman or gay?

Either way you don't belong here.

I thought it was a meme, but a UK supermarket just ID'd me for buying an energy drink submitted by shmuklidooha to whatever

goytoynamedtroy 10 points -7 points (+3|-10) ago

>drinking the caffeinated Jew

Fuck off and never return.

KIKES use porn as a weapon against non jews. You see people posting porn on voat? 100% chance they are a shill and/or a troll submitted by ImPhilippe to whatever

goytoynamedtroy 8 points -5 points (+3|-8) ago


The only non-cuck porn is solo but even then it's still jewish degeneracy.