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BREAKING NEWS: Vladimir Putin may have had ties to Russia, submitted: 5/31/2017 4:20:39 PM, 487 points (+503|-16)

Canadian judge rules it's not illegal to criticize Feminism. Especially when the Feminists keep harrassing you., submitted: 1/22/2016 8:01:38 PM, 452 points (+454|-2)

Surprise, Commie Fascists!!!, submitted: 2/3/2017 9:13:31 PM, 439 points (+452|-13)

I've known Anthony Weiner for a long time., submitted: 5/20/2017 10:59:38 PM, 354 points (+356|-2)

Feminists can't catch me now!, submitted: 6/8/2017 2:29:05 PM, 347 points (+350|-3)

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Trump's won't the gamer vote., submitted: 5/18/2016 9:18:21 PM, -5 points (+1|-6)

The US just lost it's Super Power status., submitted: 6/4/2017 5:42:00 PM, -1 points (+3|-4)

The GOP congressional districts that may face the biggest health care backlash, submitted: 5/27/2017 9:01:11 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Awww yeah! Finally a proper PC case for your PI that adds intelligent power, RTC, hard drive controller, cooling, and even a power switch!, submitted: 6/15/2017 7:54:46 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

That's our Social Justice Warrior problem, submitted: 2/21/2017 2:01:39 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

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Universities are getting unexpected Blow back from being Liberal submitted by jamesed to politics

gabara 0 points 102 points (+102|-0) ago


Tattertale submitted by SilverBanana to funny

gabara 4 points 83 points (+87|-4) ago

Modern Feminism in a nutshell.

Morrissey Condemns Khan, Theresa May and the Queen After Manchester Terrorist Attack submitted by EarlPoncho to news

gabara 3 points 77 points (+80|-3) ago

This will be one of the greatest triggerings of out time. Morrissey is a fucking DEMI-GOD to cucked men and other white knight manginas. I'm laughing so hard. Thank you Morrissey!!!

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The ad on the frontpage warning gamers about Trump is fucking retarded. submitted by TheTrigger to whatever

gabara 12 points -10 points (+2|-12) ago

Well look at that, @PuttItOut, for the first time I've activated ad-blocking on Voat.

Mother-of-two who opened her home to Afghan '12-year-old refugee' was stunned when he turned out to be a grown man who visited extremist sites and threatened to kill her family submitted by BOARDSISGREAT to news

gabara 10 points -9 points (+1|-10) ago

I don't understand. What difference does his age make to her unless she's a pedophile?