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You Could Become a Porn Star Without Even Knowing It Thanks to a New AI App, submitted: 2/10/2018 3:16:43 AM, -5 points (+7|-12)

Government set to borrow nearly $1 trillion this year, an 84 percent jump from last year, submitted: 2/4/2018 6:22:37 PM, -2 points (+3|-5)

Are Western women oppressed?, submitted: 3/4/2018 2:54:40 AM, -2 points (+1|-3)

WTF is wrong with this g0ys?! bhahahaha!!, submitted: 2/6/2018 6:44:01 PM, -1 points (+3|-4)

Trump Supporter Executed Live On Stage At Grammy Awards, submitted: 1/29/2018 6:29:34 PM, 0 points (+3|-3)

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Knowingly infecting others with HIV will no longer be a felony in California. submitted by Alois_sticklgruber to news

fudencio 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago

California is the HIV

Sweden DEPORTS Christian Convert - Gives ISIS Free Houses!!! submitted by fudencio to news

fudencio 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago

A Christian convert from Iran is to be deported from Sweden because "it's her own fault she converted to Christianity". Meanwhile, they give returning ISIS terrorists free housing, benefits, and even debt cancellation.

Swedish police now relocating to safer areas after several bombing attacks. submitted by fudencio to news

fudencio 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago

"They say that they "feel threatened" after 2 police stations and 1 police car were blown up recently.

They are literally bailing because it's getting too dangerous."

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Busty ( .)(. ) submitted by fudencio to porngfys

fudencio 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

amateur showering

Child experts: Just say 'no' to Facebook's kids app submitted by tendiesonfloor to news

fudencio 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

did you mean (((facebook))), jewbook?