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Subway removing ham and bacon from nearly 200 shops and offers only halal meat after "strongly worded request" from Muslims. submitted by Mike4Ross to news

fucknike 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

Subway is barely hanging on. In 5 years, it'll be like the Blockbuster debacle. "Oh, there's a subway here?! Take a picture, quick!"

With that said, my town still has 1 single video rental store. Kind of sad, but interesting...

Staffer who 'doxed' GOP senators faces nearly 50 years in federal prison. submitted by Grimlock2015 to news

fucknike 5 points 7 points (+12|-5) ago

This article is 100% bullshit.

I'm a Computer Security guy and got like four sentences in before I hit <back> and called bullshit.

Had they caught him, NO ONE would have been doxed. The local security force would have arrested him as he logged into a machine. NOT after he posted information to Wikipedia and certainly not days later after the interwebs peeps caught his ass.

Secondly, the MSM barely made mention of this situation, in an effort to collude and ignore. The chans, and others, assisted in this well before any .gov got involved.

Third, once .gov got involved, they knew they were screwed. A public IP that traced to a specific set of people along with ALL the logs they're required to keep due to NIST and all those other crazy reqs.

Lastly, this ass-clown actually listed himself as a System Admin AND Security person. At this point, as a published security pro, I'm the fucking Queen of England. BOW BEFORE ME BITCHES! (Note: I'm a past GS and .gov contractor. NEVER AGAIN. Oh, I really am published - Windows Vulns for LIFE!)

Still No Signs that Tariffs are Costing American Jobs submitted by Dfens to technology

fucknike 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago

Fuck you, your dog and the broom up your ass.

So... I know people that actually deal with industrial companies. Like, they deal with their products and sell items to them.

Costs have been going up, and have been. There are minor complaints about the price hikes, but no one has closed out or gone out of business locally to me for the tariffs. NO ONE.

Isolationism is an issue, but when we're the biggest consumer of goods in the world, the customer has it's say. "Vote with your money!" - right? Even Canada BUYS Maple Syrup from us. That's slowly changing with a few nation states, but it has not made any type of major impact on markets.

There is no hurting other than minor price rises now. It may change but we're still ok. On top of that, certain items like steel have so much garbage in them in China that the price is actually pretty high compared to what they should be. People that buy steel have complained all over that you have to literally watch the tested steel get loaded and sealed into trucks so things don't change. Again, certain "cheap" options have price issues.

The stock market has been in a "crash" scenario for years. I have avoided my 401k allotments for many years because I've thought about that situation for...years (yup, I "lost" a huge amount of money by trying to be safe). ZeroHedge has been talking about it since Obama has been in office and just now the MSM is talking about the same thing. Funny thing, property prices and listings are just now starting to have issues. It was predicted about two years ago that this summer would be "the end" of good property pricing. Huh. Imagine that? As soon as the game stops, people will scream at Trump for it even though people have been talking about it for years.

NOTHING for the economy happens overnight. I fully expect the market to start failing, but when it does it'll be because Quantitative Easing, NOT Trump. Devaluing currency will ALWAYS overtake feelings over the long-term. We can all feel better and take quick advantage of issues, but it'll all come down to trending. Venezuela didn't tank overnight, their policies pushed them into a decline over many years.

Wanna know why Obama pushed Student Loans so hard? Cause the bastard knew the debt is unforgivable and makes the person a debt slave. I've known 50 year olds who died of cancer still owning student loan debt. Guaranteed income.

Again, go fuck yourself.

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When Helicopters Collide... submitted by Some_Guy_from_RI to gifs

fucknike 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

Historical comment note, nothing related to the posting.

I started commenting on crap about politics and made a few interesting comments. With one comment, I got jumped on and immediately saw there was a situation. I called them out, as well as others in my history.

After 5+ minutes, they've all stopped after I called them out. "Interesting"

Again - this comment is a historical note with nothing to do with Helicopters (even though I want one)...

Who else thinks Linda Sarsour is a racial piece of shit. submitted by LuciferMF626 to GreatAwakening

fucknike 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

So, most of us in the US are the product of immigrants. On one side of my family tree, my father traced our line to around 1890 (England). On the other line, we were one of the very first families to the US, on some of the original Pilgrim boats.

So, with what you basically said, I'm not "American"? I've always maintained that any American is a Heinz 57 thing. Pure American is someone of Native American descent, even though "we" say we're all white.

I'm white (My stupid ass parents actually paid for a DNA test on multiple lines), I know of hiccups in my bloodline and probably much so compared to others like you. My question is: How do we prove we're "American"?

Note: I'm not a race apologist nor do I support ANY type of immigration other than slowly controlled immigration like the US use to do. Even my wife comes from a family that came from Ellis Island. And with all that said, I have no middle east blood in my line, I'm just annoyed at this comment.

The salt mines are open submitted by antiliberalsociety to whatever

fucknike 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

I hate the link, but it says so much about stupid comments, it speaks for itself.

BTW: If you don't get it, think a little longer. Maybe do some research.