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YouTube has removed all Alex Jones content, submitted: 8/6/2018 6:59:48 PM, 217 points (+227|-10)

Oops, our bad, submitted: 8/11/2018 2:44:03 PM, 210 points (+211|-1)

hmmmm....., submitted: 6/28/2018 11:37:44 AM, 179 points (+185|-6)

"As a (((white person)))....", submitted: 8/4/2018 4:26:09 PM, 162 points (+168|-6)

/v/SoapBoxBanHammer meets IRL, submitted: 7/13/2018 3:17:24 PM, 140 points (+146|-6)

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Once again @PuttItOut is doing PR damage control and who is the top comments? SBBH, of course., submitted: 5/3/2018 7:15:47 AM, -7 points (+15|-22)

crosspost duscussion regarding on-site pedophiles, submitted: 1/31/2018 11:53:48 PM, -5 points (+1|-6)

Hah, Q just BTFO PV and SBBH. QAnon is no longer controlled by you on Voat anymore. @Srayzie @Kevdude, submitted: 9/22/2018 2:50:52 AM, -5 points (+7|-12)

I hope these Twitter SJW's suing Trump for blocking them wins their case., submitted: 5/27/2018 4:19:16 PM, -4 points (+2|-6)

Incrediblly obvious Vote manipulation, submitted: 3/18/2018 4:59:34 AM, -4 points (+12|-16)

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Merry Christmas Goats! submitted by PuttItOut to announcements

freshmeat 7 points 91 points (+98|-7) ago

(you guys piss a lot of powerful people off)

:^) Merry Christmas niggers.

Jewpedia alleges VOAT is an anti-Semitic news aggregator submitted by CognitiveDissident5 to AskVoat

freshmeat 5 points 91 points (+96|-5) ago

antisemitism is a made up word to dismiss malicious jewish supremacist ideologies. I'm shocked how many fuckers are on here pretending otherwise.

Travesty. This could very well be a death sentence. Tommy Robinson jailed for livestreaming. submitted by Russianbots to news

freshmeat 0 points 53 points (+53|-0) ago

this is political imprisonment

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Holy Shit, the Salt is Real: you Goats just BTFO'd those redditfugees submitted by bdmthrfkr to politics

freshmeat 43 points -28 points (+15|-43) ago

It's fun to be dicks to people when you have a basis but you just turned away potential Voat donors and supporters just so you could shock current reddit refugees with dumbass nigger shit posting by being a dick? That is not how the old goats were to newcomers when Reddit initially fucked us.

Here is what needs to be considered if it isn't already too late; they came from reddit which has major subs implementing rules about "whataboutism" and "troll concerning" so these people are coming from a bigger bubble than when most of us arrived on Voat. The rule about supporting Q only being allowed because they didn't know you didn't have to worry about reddit shills here and that could have been explained without shitposting jew memes and scat porn.

You guys just split an entire Trump supporting userbase because you wanted to be edge lords instead of explain to them why censorship is bad and why voat even exists. Probably too late though since ShitRedditSays are the top commentors and posters on the Voat Q subverses. Good work kike shills.

*notice how the first 3 responses to a reasonable comment in regards to the future sustainability of Voat are 3 /v/SoapBoxBanHammer trolls hitting quickly with their bots, the same ones who trolled the newcomers away.

These are the people who got you banned off Reddit and now wants to fuck with you even some more. Just look at the contributions here prior to the exodus, all they did was call people q-tards and try to discredit anything here

Looks like you've had a bit too much to think about our glorious leader submitted by Shekelstein6M to ProtectVoat

freshmeat 19 points -19 points (+0|-19) ago

Oh shut the fuck up kike. You boost your posts in every sub you post in and cry when there is one sub you can't spam. Go jump in an oven

User @freshmeat is happy about the idea of voat going down. Is being a part of a website you hate a sign of cuckoldry? submitted by ExpertShitposter to whatever

freshmeat 17 points -13 points (+4|-17) ago

not happy about it at all, i wish @puttitout did something about the people fucking up his website. I've talked to other website owners and im convinced something fishy is going on here, because no one speaks up or makes the right actions.

I enjoyed Voat but im not going to miss it thanks to faggots like yourself, expert.