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A little girl is dead Frustrated moms #BlackLivesMatter Facebook rant goes viral submitted by pleasefeedthedino to news

edistojim 9 points 98 points (+107|-9) ago

BlackLivesMatter? No they don't, thats all bullshit, every bit of it. BlackLivesMatter only when they are killed by white cops. They are free to kill each other with abandon, thats not a big deal. They are killing each other wholesale in the streets as we speak and they don't care. This is all just to bitch about something, just like always.

US Attorney overseeing the Awan family investigation is Steven Wasserman, the brother of Wasserman Schultz! submitted by jabba to news

edistojim 0 points 81 points (+81|-0) ago

Jesus Christ. you couldn't make this shit up if you tried.

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Antifa journalist tweets pictures of Lauren Southern and other journalists, identifies them as nazis so they get hunted and attacked, now whines, that his picture was published submitted by DrWalterSobchak to news

edistojim 14 points -14 points (+0|-14) ago

Your fake ass goes to Germany to start shit, you start shit and get your ass kicked and now you are pissed of because someone kicked your ass for starting shit. Did I get that right? Lets face it, you are a liberal crybaby thats also a pussy. You reap what you sow shithead.

Trump: I won't do the debate unless they pay me $5 million, all of which goes to wounded warriors or goes to vets. submitted by ArchangelleShe to politics

edistojim 17 points -12 points (+5|-17) ago

Are you kidding me? Bernie is one of the few non-veteran politicians who actually cares about Vets.

Really? So what meaningful legislation has dear Bernie put forth since the dead veteran tragedy? Anything? In his defense he's really no worse than McClain who is on the same committee AND a veteran, so there is that……….

Congressman Justin Amash plans bill to repeal CISA-like legislation included in omnibus submitted by FreeSpeachRocks to politics

edistojim 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

Musta found out Obama was spying on Congress and you'd like a repeal for no other reason? You must be seeking higher office.

Edit: I appreciate the downvoats, no big deal, but, where was this fine Rep when the omnibus bill was being jammed through Congress like a freight train, not a word then. Its a little too late Mr Congressman.