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Noticed Something Bad About Hooktube!, submitted: 2/27/2018 7:37:16 PM, 19 points (+20|-1)

The Greatest News Parody Ever?, submitted: 3/13/2018 3:14:06 PM, 4 points (+5|-1)

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The Greatest News Parody Ever?, submitted: 3/13/2018 3:14:06 PM, 4 points (+5|-1)

Noticed Something Bad About Hooktube!, submitted: 2/27/2018 7:37:16 PM, 19 points (+20|-1)

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Cop who didn't enter school during Florida shooting resigns, has home guarded, is slammed as 'coward' by Trump submitted by HarryVonZell to politics

duh_1234 0 points 32 points (+32|-0) ago

This really hurts the story of, "Oh the cops will protect you. Disarm yourself for your own safety." The guy was already there for crying out loud!

The best tactical thing people can do is to actually charge a shooter at multiple angles. Also throwing whatever they have at the fucker, makes the shooter naturally duck and dodge which stops them from being able to fire.

It flusters them, and they only have a few seconds. Far less casualties, and the attacker gets overwhelmed.

Running away turns you into a fish in a barrel. It is understandable, but not going to help you as much as going and confronting.

If anything the solution could be to arm the most level headed teachers and teach everyone else how to rush the coward trying to kill them.

Chuck Schumer SLAMS President Trump : "Its Racist To Only Allow Citizens To Vote" submitted by yurisrevenge to politics

duh_1234 0 points 20 points (+20|-0) ago

The joke, "Where's the most dangerous place in Washington? Between Chuck Schumer and a camera."

This guy is so full of shit and will say anything to see himself and his grandma reading glasses on tv.

Second Florida Survivor Family Now Alleging CNN Scripted Narrative to Push Gun Ban submitted by fluxusp to news

duh_1234 0 points 19 points (+19|-0) ago

Does CNN have a curse? Almost every story they peddle backfires.

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The least realistic thing about Black Panther was two black men who knew their fathers submitted by BlackSheepBrouhaha to whatever

duh_1234 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Why would I give hollyweird a damn cent/any time of day? Let them just fade out of existence. That's something many on the left and right can agree with.

Mike Cernovich: CNN Must Donate 'Blood Money' Earned from Ads During Florida Shooting Coverage. submitted by Russianbots to news

duh_1234 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I just love pointing out to leftists that their two fav media sources are subsidiaries two of the biggest cable conglomerates in the nation. This spreads plenty of doubt. Just ask, "Controlled opposition much?"

Korean War veteran saves woman from knife-wielding thugs submitted by Thisismyvoatusername to news

duh_1234 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

What is cause and effect? My postmodernist professor says not to worry. Just bundle up into a ball and open wide. Unless someone else refuses to... then I need to summon my mighty REEEEE..