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why are SJWs even a thing? why almost all of them are from USA? submitted by MushroomShaman to AskVoat

dragonpenis 1 points 391 points (+392|-1) ago

Asian man who's more in tune with western culture here.

Basically 3 things are at work:

  • It's fun to act righteous. It self-elevates your perceived status and it makes you seem like you are educated and doing something for justice. It's an exhilarating social act.

  • You've got time on your hand and not much to worry in life. You don't worry about where your next meal comes, so naturally you have more time to do things that makes you feel good.

  • And your opponent is meek, mild, inoffensive men who works at a multinational corporation who is horrified of being called out lest they be fired from their job. You never go after Saudi princes who's actually got sex slaves or politicians who fuck children or cartels who can kidnap you and kill you. Easy target provides easy gratification.

You can see these sort of people all around the world but it's more pronounced in America because of its multicultural nature and social issues that comes from it. And it doesn't help that those rich white kids with rich old parents with their trust funds got all the time in the world to jerk themselves off after getting joe fired from his job for saying some shit nobody cares about.

They're basically born into a life where they don't need to achieve anything to live comfortably so they're manufacturing achievements to make themselves feel like they've done something in life. It's fun to project power and they're doing it in the only way they know how - by being fucking annoying whiny bitches.

Police kill more whites than blacks, yet black deaths generate more outrage. Analysis contradicts widespread views about racial targets submitted by TerriChris to news

dragonpenis 3 points 37 points (+40|-3) ago

Kinda like how when mentioning slavery the whole part where Africans were sold to the whites by their African neighbors who conquered them in a tribal war is just sorta glossed over.

As an Asian dude who's got no dog in this fight, I don't see how slavery in the Americas is different from roman empire, mongol empire, and various Arabian states who used even more brutal method to subjugate other races, but yet they are lost in time and now romanticized as the glory days. Everyone who suffered in their system is not represented and their descendants are not cared for.

Somehow the liberal historians seem to have turned the whole suffrage and the civil rights movement into some kind of triumph for the progressive movement, like as if people marching walking on the streets have miraculously made everything change, but for any system to change sans revolution, it requires people at the top to give concessions.

And the history of the U.S. is the history of powerful white old men going "hmm, I find that reasonable, I'll listen to your demands and make necessary accommodations." which is unprecedented in the history of men. No group or faction in history willingly gave part of their own power away to change the social structure just because people asked. Even today in places like India (And Asia in general) caste system exist and it refuses to go away just because it has always existed no matter how hard they attempt it to stop. For the U.S. have gone from flogging blacks to having one as a president is an incredible achievement on its own and it's a testament to tolerance of the society.

Which brings me to the point, I find that people in the U.S, when they cry for injustice, more often than not they seem to be doing that to extract most benefits out of their opponents because they know their opponent is reasonable and mild who will ultimately give concessions. I'm currently in an unique position in Asia where I interact with both poor and well-off people and if there's something I learned is that just because they're poor doesn't mean they're naturally good or kind, and vice versa for the rich. The poor, more often than not are rude, uncultured, spit on the street/smoke while walking type you wouldn't want around your kids. It's likely what got them into the social position in the first place. So when I see black mothers crying on TV for their suicide-by-cop kids, I am not easily fooled knowing what I know about the poor. But white liberals who's never lived near poor neighborhood don't know better and they are horrified of the perceived injustice which leads to further unnecessary concessions.

Of course the slavery was bad, of course people are equal, and equal chance to work/vote must be given to women and minorities. Sure. But the concession must end somewhere before that fine point where it becomes a privilege. Once people are on an equal footing, it's now time to work your ass off to actually earn a living. It doesn't matter if your grandfather was a slave. Everyone's ancestors were a slave at one point or another. If your country made that much concession just to accommodate you from losing your tribal conflict in Africa that sold you wholesale, maybe it's time to pull your pants up and wear a tie to work. Maybe it's time to stop glorifying violence and cheap entertainment. Maybe it's time to read free books at libraries, use internet to find jobs, and work up the social ladder even if slowly, instead of complaining that some white dude looked at you funny. I know most Asians who immigrated to America did just that. We don't fuck around.

I dunno man, I got no dog in this fight but looking at the whole conflict from afar through my lens, it all seem rather redundant to me.

Why the AskVoat takeover was a direct result of cronyism and you should leave Voat now. submitted by FitMachoNaziAtheist to ProtectVoat

dragonpenis 1 points 29 points (+30|-1) ago

You're putting too much faith on people or you're just pulling Steve Huffman and waiting for Voat to grow, playing the right tunes as each community outrage occurs. I've already seen mods and admins interact on a rather too friendly terms, and that can only lead to more cases of cronyism/decisions that favors inner circles. It would be wise to cease any communications with the mods outside professional activities.

OR you should consider going completely modless and make most processes automatic. You could easily create a self moderated community system where users get points for accurate downvoting/marking items for deletion. Subverses could work more like hashtags than the current closed in system. Anything that can work without mods and subverse ownership system will be for better.

For this to be just a clone of Reddit, you will repeat its mistakes. It's important for you to understand that while this is your website, the people who populate this community are largely by nature ideologically charged. We're here because we left a SJW/pro-censorship site. Ergo we are anti-SJW and anti-censorship. If you are not ideologically in line with your community, let us know early so we can find another site. Don't play the long con on the very people who made Voat grow in the early days.

Listen to your community and don't play the PR game. Stopping SJW infiltration on this site will be a game of whack-a-mole and we're going to require your active participation.

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James Comey now believes Donald Trump was trying to influence Russia investigation, source says submitted by alphonso to news

dragonpenis 21 points -9 points (+12|-21) ago

my ass just farted

what passes for journalism these days.

Anyone else tired of seeing people complaining about what they're tired of seeing on Voat? submitted by WildThingSammiT to AskVoat

dragonpenis 6 points -3 points (+3|-6) ago

The only speech not allowed in free speech is complaining about someone else's free speech. You gotta draw the line somewhere. Don't like something? Block and move on. Being allowed to complain about the content other people put up defeats the whole purpose of mass exodus from reddit.

Anyone else tired of seeing people complaining about what they're tired of seeing on Voat? submitted by WildThingSammiT to AskVoat

dragonpenis 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

Double nigger you fucking retard. You're the crack in the wall that lets the SJWs in. Free speech absolutism sounds warm and fuzzy and nice in principle but that's not how real life works you god damn imbecile. This website HAS to be hostile towards any call for censorship. The main mantra of the website MUST be if you don't like something, you move on. Nobody has to hear what you don't like. End of fucking discussion.

"You're just as bad SJWs on reddit, you're just on the other side of the coin."

Yeah spoken like a true SJW. I can see through your fucking colors. The first thing the religious accuse atheists of being is that it is just another religion. Using false equivalence means you're the very thing you're accusing the other of. Go fuck a cactus you god damn waste of protein mass.