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Reality is broken., submitted: 6/16/2018 4:30:40 AM, 20 points (+21|-1)

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Reality is broken., submitted: 6/16/2018 4:30:40 AM, 20 points (+21|-1)

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TRUMP MUST END THE OBAMA PHONE PROGRAM, WASTE OF TAX PAYER MONEY!! submitted by freespeechplease to politics

dornojourno 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago

a clamshell cellphone is neccesary for survival in our society especially for those younger. Its once of the few programs that provides something tangible. IE opportunities. I dont use cellphones Cause im a insane conspiracy theorist that don;t trust technology.

Steam Chat is Valve's new Discord-like chat platform(A botnet trying to run over another botnet). submitted by Realhero33 to technology

dornojourno 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago

I dont know if valve is as much of a data whore/sellout as discord is though.

(((Kate Morgan))) submitted by Bill_Murrays_Sandals to whatever

dornojourno 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago

Another jewish supremist

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Inconvenient: Antarctica's Ice Sheet May Be More Durable Than We Thought submitted by sand_mann to science

dornojourno 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago

It had a rainforest on it Because of the volcanic activity keeping things warm and the hot winds directed toward it by the shape of the continents back then now the air does not go there..and it remains cold and desolate. not hot winds=no tropics.

You see kids paying attention in high school science pays off.

Wasn't This Policy Of "Taking Kids From Their Parents" (After the Parents Entered Our Country Illegally) Already Going On Under Obama? submitted by GunsSaveLives to AskVoat

dornojourno 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

They have to take the parents from the kids because the kids are often not "refugees" or even children of the people with them but they are trafficking the kids for sex.

Hillary lost almost 2 fucking years ago holy shit just get the fuck over it already. submitted by truthwoke33 to whatever

dornojourno 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

IF she stop'd trying to grab the spotlight again we would stop bringing her up. but the old hag just wont keep her trap shut.