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Black panther leader urges to kill all white men and families, no repercussions, submitted: 12/9/2017 9:57:56 PM, 68 points (+68|-0)

Asian tells a nigger the brutal, honest truth about them., submitted: 10/11/2017 3:20:04 PM, 56 points (+56|-0)

His name was Julian Assange, submitted: 7/15/2018 1:06:05 PM, 46 points (+50|-4)

Negroes fucking a restaurant up., submitted: 12/10/2017 9:20:31 PM, 42 points (+44|-2)

"Movie -They live- needs to be saved from neo nazis." name the jew and he gets hurt, submitted: 5/28/2018 5:07:38 PM, 40 points (+41|-1)

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Fatties always are fine with giving head, submitted: 12/16/2017 1:04:36 PM, -19 points (+1|-20)

How do the "red pilled" voaters believe Trump will maga when he sucks on the jews dick and only makes Israel great again ?, submitted: 5/12/2018 7:19:17 AM, -7 points (+4|-11)

Comments on a whisper alike website regarding a nigger dating a white girl, submitted: 2/1/2018 9:40:09 PM, -4 points (+1|-5)

I want a game where i can shoot negroes and mudslimes., submitted: 1/12/2018 9:03:16 AM, -2 points (+6|-8)

Why contain it ?, submitted: 1/20/2018 7:15:50 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

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EA on the backlash against women in Battlefield V: Accept it or dont buy the game - Won't Archive submitted by valk2 to gaming

dias17se 0 points 37 points (+37|-0) ago

Whos buying these games ?

Who are these useless faggots that support EA ?

Chad with a past tries to find a date - can he? submitted by 4828757238 to funny

dias17se 0 points 37 points (+37|-0) ago

"how old was the kid"

"two and half"

continues conversation top kek

What a high value offer submitted by Kannibal to whatever

dias17se 4 points 26 points (+30|-4) ago

She doesnt fuck niggers. So has my approval, rock on lady.

Better to have these than coal burners popping nigglets

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Account Deleted By User submitted by petergraves to whatever

dias17se 18 points -18 points (+0|-18) ago

She wont cheat again.

Sexdolls And The Apocalypse Of Feminism submitted by ZardoZ2017 to whatever

dias17se 12 points -11 points (+1|-12) ago

Muslim caliphate

Special education teacher accused of having sex with student submitted by Longstocking to fatpeoplehate

dias17se 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

I would let her suck me, but not be seen in public with her