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@hojuruku banned from Pizzagate and much of Voat submitted by Dfens to ProtectVoat

death2millenialfags 22 points 16 points (+38|-22) ago

This is probably how they took out my account using a series of bots to mass downvote every comment I ever did if it wasn't an inside job.

We need to have proof of work mining voat crypto or something for voting. How can you go from having a high CCP to -135 in the space of minutes.

We need to investigate how my CCP went from the thousands to 140 below subzero in a few minutes.

Sad news for the Voat community, @hojuruku has been banned from Pizzagate and most of Voat submitted by Dfens to pedogate

death2millenialfags 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago

MY CCP for @hojuruku -135 and it went there in the space of a few minutes.

That means never be able to comment, or post again. And even if I get it above 100 one day - you'll only find some more post to automated bot mass downvote. upvotes and downvotes should do cryptographic proof of work. Voat needs to be fixed so Jewish baby sex lovers can't censor their critics using this method.

Can you downvote archived posts? How the fuck did you pedos do it taking down my whole account you fucken jewish pedo gatekeeper shill.

Lets go Nuclear now... Protect Voat will deal with you or this will out Y-Combi staff member doxxer getting banned as last post for nixxing his whole account.

You are fucked. Check mate. And you think you are winning?

Disney Sponsored links to 3x gay pedos & character reference for child pornographer board member submitted by hojuruku to OccidentalEnclave

death2millenialfags 7 points 7 points (+14|-7) ago

Kikeshills galore at Pizzagate say you didn't prove shit when you put sources in the OP. Meanwhile their board owner is calling @hojuruku a "faggot pedophile" and @Joe_McCarthy a "jew" and can't provide the proof.

Pizzagate kike-shills covering up the biggest Jewish pedophile ring of all time linked to the Aurora wind-up shooter. (can't prove he's a jew) (Goat fucker @Crensch can't prove I'm a fag)

Bloody hipocrite.

Now the jewish pedo ring protector will use this dissent as an excuse to stop my next tri-fecta x3 post linking Christopher Puplick AM (Australia's newest jew gay pedo judge) to 3x mass rapists (aids infested tranny noel crompton hall, mulsim msk mass rapist Skaf brothers, and pedo proud boylover until the day he died Robert "Dolly Dunn" - either giving money, offering to, or giving written support on government stationary in all fucken cases.

@kingkongwaswrong @Crensch @kevdude @Vindicator @think- @ben_matlock @EricKaliberhall @Blacksmith21 @Honeybee_ @heygeorge

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"Crying Nazi" Christopher Cantwell Takes Plea Deal, Leaves Virginia, Gives Exclusive First Interview to Free Talk Live submitted by EmmetMcTaggart to politics

death2millenialfags 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

FreetalkLive Are pedophiles that were trolled yesterday by yours truely.

More info to come:

Mark Edgelord kicked off hosting Sundays on FreeTalkLive after I exposed him doing pro pedophile censorship of those critical of @FTL_Ian's policy on child sex/prostitution submitted by death2millenialfags to whatever

death2millenialfags 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Here's the link that made them infight: /

Here's the call that kicked it off:

Here's Mark Edgelord laughing as hit co-host admits downloading child porn for sexual gratification.

@Anirtak76 silent about her kiwifarms allies best mates loving child porn. Can't say its' wrong again….


Ian freeman and cantwell both say if the child wants it - they should get fucked.

Hear Cantwell and Ian talk about Porcfest an event they used to love to go to and how they admit gay men show their cocks to little kids at the event every year earlier in the Video.

And finally here's the 1.5 hour bitchfest they had this morning because of me:

I been trolled by SBBH/KIWIARMS pedos ever since I criticized their pedophile lord and savior in 2016 for saying sex between democrat Obama's friend and Fundraiser "queer hero" Terry Bean and 14 year old boy isn't pedophilia.

I am banned from pizzagate - because if kikes fuck little goyim children it's wrong to say it's wrong ok says @Vindicator


Ex Wasington Times Reporter CPAC Player Robert Stacy McCain (of #FreeStacy fame) to write up a story on what @Vindicator #Pizzgate gatekeeper censored submitted by death2millenialfags to pizzagate

death2millenialfags 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Looks like Vindicator is being exposed for wanting to censor talk about Christopher Kent Bowersox the child raping gay cop that took away my first born from me.

What pedo does such a thing?

His pro-pedophilia asshattery is not going unnoticed on /v/anontalk and /r/conspiracy - see how Vindicator Says you Must Respect Christopher Kent Bowersox by not exposing his child porn conviction and gay porn (i shit you not) parole violation - you know the gay cop who hunts down young boys all day for