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Account Deleted By User submitted by nastymatt to whatever

darkmuffin 0 points 53 points (+53|-0) ago

As somebody who has read quite a bit of MLK's writing, I agree with this. MLK often talked about the use of creative tension (read: nonviolent civil disobedience) to call to attention injustice in a culture which was largely blind to it. For instance, the Freedom Riders would forcibly expose southern white culture to a desegregated environment by boarding interstate buses which would carry them into segregated states and counties. Lunch counter sit-ins were another example of this, where white allies would bring blacks into "white only" areas, and visa versa. These actions were done against a specific law, for a specific purpose, in strategically chosen places which would be visible, exposed to a large amount of people and very clear in its message.

BLM, on the other hand, is doing nothing of the sort. What is the link between stopping a freeway's traffic or a plane from take off, and black men who are being shot by police? Their message is being obfuscated by their disruptiveness, which is another thing that MLK spoke against.

Thirdly, their demands are not actionable. The civil rights movements had specific demands, a strategy and identifiable actions for making those demands known and attained. They (MLK) took direct action to challenge the unjust laws, and only created the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party once the movement was sufficiently large enough to affect the elections. They also had moral leverage, because even the southern churches were struggling to defend segregation and denying black suffrage. BLM, again, has one of these things and whatever moral leverage they had, they have destroyed with their directionless antagonism of wider society.

For a black power movement, I'm disappointed they didn't study MLK or any other black civil rights leaders more before embarking on this.

Gender is a Social Construct OR... submitted by BrownMoses to tumblrinaction

darkmuffin 0 points 52 points (+52|-0) ago

I minored in sociology in college and they did actually teach that gender is a social construct. But I think what this comic is trying to get at is that people can be born with a gender identity that conflicts with their sexual identity, or be socialized with a gender other than what they internalized. But if you're socialized with a gender then how are you born with a conflicting gender identity in the first place...?

My professors did not like that question. It was a genuine question; I still don't understand it. But I guess that's my fate as a cishet scum. :\

deleted by user submitted by looknclick to politics

darkmuffin 2 points 51 points (+53|-2) ago

I'm not a Hillary supporter but she is quite popular on the particular university campus I frequent. A lot of people are still stuck in 2008 when she had the shimmer of progressiveness and novelty. Also, a lot of people here don't react well to Sanders because anything "socialist" currently has a stigma attached to it as being for rich white people and not inclusive of race. It doesn't help that the Socialist Party is on campus a lot, and their spokespeople are almost always white old geezers and guys. The hyper liberal population here just doesn't seem to think it reflects them. I mean really, I've seen teachers called out in class for calling on too many white male classmates, and several of the syllabi actually have had "be mindful of triggering others" clauses.

Basically, people see vagina and say YAY! Woman President! and they see Sanders and say "oh just what we need, another old white guy." Which is dumb. But that's what's going on, to the best of my observation.

One of the many reasons I've come to distance myself from the left as well as the right.

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Man needs emotional support from his wife, so she commits him then worries about him getting out in time to pay bills. Women tell her she did a good job. ( submitted by hunt_the_fatties to MeanwhileOnReddit

darkmuffin 10 points -9 points (+1|-10) ago

I agree with you. This woman definitely overreacted and went about this in the completely wrong way, though it sounds like she had good intentions. From what I read in the post she knows she fucked up and is completely upset about it.

Fuck all of these woman haters who think this indicates an abusive relationship or the "signs of being a serious abuser."

Man needs emotional support from his wife, so she commits him then worries about him getting out in time to pay bills. Women tell her she did a good job. ( submitted by hunt_the_fatties to MeanwhileOnReddit

darkmuffin 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

Actually, I prefer to own what I say and stand behind it. I do it in person, I'll do it online. Besides, you cared enough to quote me in the first place so evidently I'm worth the attention. -snort-