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deleted by user submitted by deleted to MeanwhileOnReddit

d_0o_d 0 points 20 points (+20|-0) ago

It's interesting to see the most popular predictions actually coming true. The internet knows a lot it seems...

First robots pass self-awareness test submitted by JohnAZoidberg to science

d_0o_d 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago

I still don't think this is that much of a big deal. If they are designed for this exact test, I would not count this as self awareness. Analysing voices is not a difficult task, as far as I know.

Why the Open Code of Conduct Isnt for Me submitted by SuperConductiveRabbi to programming

d_0o_d 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago

It saddens me, that we have to deal with this shit in about every category right now. God damn it, as a programmer, probably as anyone working on technical problems, the only things that matter should be objectiveness and technical ability.

Why do people even have to think about this stuff? If they are offended by that, fuck off. I want your program not the way you feel about things.

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Mods are upset over my idea to give large sub verses the option to vote them off, they're more concerned with keeping their power, then the quality of Voat submitted by gatordontplaythatsht to whatever

d_0o_d 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I can totally understand the position the sub creators are in. Of course it would suck to lose your sub to some kind of idiot. That is the worst case. But imagine a big community where suddenly the leader finds out he has great power and starts acting all weird to his people. Surely the people can just leave and if it is the majority, the sub will just die out.

Is this necessary? No. Because in a big sub, there's a big idea connected to it. A lot of people share this idea and they form a community. They get together and when the sub dies, they are all spread out again. What if they can stay together? That is the main goal.

What Atko proposed in the main thread is certainly useful in that sense. Only people who are active in the sub with an X amount of CCP and SCP are allowed to vote. Therefore, this would minimalize the probability of some idiot becoming mod.

What is something about people that can change but cannot be forced to change? submitted by profanion to AskVoat

d_0o_d 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Affection. You might not like someone now, but in a few years you might find her quite attractive.

What is the best python code editor for linux? submitted by HamsterSlayer to Linux

d_0o_d 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Sure, if you think you are fast with your IDE, I wouldn't bother. I was pretty quick with my editor before and also rarely used the mouse, although this shouldn't be the key point. If it's faster to use the mouse, I would do it (even more since I would use the touchpad, which is in range anyways).

As I said, I just tried it and stuck with it. I had some free time and wanted to learn it anyways for server-side programming and as I learned how much vim could do, I started using it as an IDE. There's some features though, which I can't imagine a normal IDE wouldn't implement. For example, you can record macros, which is basically recording what you do and then you can replay it (as in, go up 3 lines and insert the letter 'a' after the third word). Storing buffers (basically multiple clipboards), storing cursor positions...

Vim can not replace your IDE at first, as I said, you need to put a lot of work into it, until you are as productive as you are right now, so I wouldn't talk you into it. I'm loving it though and I think most other people do as well.