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I will now on only delete Spam/Junk/or Self Promotion, I apologize for my earlier actions submitted by Czarpineapple to books

cocamac 42 points -14 points (+28|-42) ago

How does Rule #1 look now


It's such a subjective piece of shit rule that means NOTHING. People shouldn't try to be "nice." The goal of voat isn't to be nice. It's to facilitate discussion and debate. "Nice" is a bitch term used by women because women aren't interested in getting at the truth. They're interested in FEELING GOOD. So "nice" goes along with their childish agenda of feeling good.

If your focus is making everyone feel good, you've just created a reddit subverse.

If you focus is on fostering discussion/debate, then you're understanding why people leave reddit and flock here.

Fuck censorship.

Goddamn SJWs submitted by odinist to funny

cocamac 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

This is fucking retarded. This is NOT why people hate social justice warriors.

Poor Timmy submitted by Lemongarb to atheism

cocamac 23 points -4 points (+19|-23) ago

The meme is retarded because atheists are too fucking stupid to even bother grasping the biblical point of transformation. It's not just a mere change of attitude or behavior. It's a change of your very being. The comic is actually looking at it from the point of view BEFORE god even steps into the picture to do anything so of course it doesn't make any sense.

But then again, nobody ever accused atheists of making much sense.