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Yes, Apollo Flew Through the Van Allen Belts Going to the Moon, submitted: 4/13/2017 10:27:09 PM, 25 points (+26|-1)

Jihad vs. Crusades, submitted: 5/3/2018 1:59:09 AM, 14 points (+15|-1)

Was 2016 a bad year? I think not., submitted: 12/27/2016 9:35:19 AM, 12 points (+12|-0)

Practice time - breaking it down further, submitted: 6/13/2018 11:35:27 AM, 11 points (+11|-0)

What has 5 teeth and an IQ of 2?, submitted: 5/13/2018 5:11:13 PM, 6 points (+10|-4)

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Francis D'Anconia money speech, submitted: 2/16/2018 5:19:46 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

How to get front page with back button., submitted: 4/6/2018 3:49:41 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

How unions ruined the US auto industry, submitted: 11/18/2016 2:59:38 AM, 3 points (+6|-3)

Progress, submitted: 1/19/2017 3:34:05 PM, 4 points (+4|-0)

Painting Hillary Clinton with Bob Ross, submitted: 9/21/2016 5:05:36 AM, 5 points (+5|-0)

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NO FOOD FO U MISTA NIG NOG - Chink Restaurant Forces Nigs to prepay for meals. submitted by phareoct to funny

chuckletrousers 1 points 49 points (+50|-1) ago

So make everybody pay in advance, McDonald's does it no problem.

Youtube removes a user's playlist of Las Vegas conspiracy videos submitted by Arrvee to politics

chuckletrousers 0 points 48 points (+48|-0) ago

They let the flat earth shit stay up tho.

Remember Ken Bone? His son just got suspended from school for a picture of them both at a firing range submitted by Longbottom_Leaf to whatever

chuckletrousers 1 points 20 points (+21|-1) ago

I'd get right in the face of that school administrator and demand to know what laws were broken. I'd do my best to make him cry.

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Account Deleted By User submitted by Count_Grainwad to funny

chuckletrousers 6 points -3 points (+3|-6) ago

Ruined the housing market? Young people being wooed by "affordable housing". Quadruple tuition? Colleges wanting a bigger slice of that fat pie.

Modern Technology submitted by Kannibal to whatever

chuckletrousers 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

On the other hand, consider the possible drawbacks of sticking your dick into something that runs on 240 volts.

Well... This is the worst, most idiotic, most autistic thing I have made. (OC) submitted by Skeeterdo to whatever

chuckletrousers 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

What's the difference, as long as people can see theyre swastikas? If you must have outward impressions just superglue pieces of pencils or something to the sole.