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T.H.O.T. - That Ho Owes Taxes. submitted by o0shad0o to funny

chirogonemd 1 points 46 points (+47|-1) ago

And the people exposing them will be called incels by the girls accused because they aren't beta male cucks who spend hundreds of dollars for tit flashes. "Fucking incels...why can't you be normal like the other guys and pay me to see my mediocre tits! Maybe if you weren't scared of women you'd see this is respectable and independent and you'd let us be liberated to be equal!"

Yes, honey, it's very independent, industrious, and liberated.

We all know how every parent dreams of their little girl growing up to get naked on the internet so strangers can jerk off to her in chatrooms. That's what always kills me about the campaigns to bring respect to sex workers. You're chasing the fucking breeze. If your parent couldn't possibly be proud of your career choice, it probably doesn't deserve respect. Getting fucked for money is work. But it isn't respectable work. Stop trying to rewrite the world so you don't have to feel bad about your sloppy fucking cunt and the fact you're a black hole out of which nothing interesting can escape.

Teacher: I Was Forced To Resign Because I Won't Pretend Boys Are Girls submitted by gramman74 to news

chirogonemd 1 points 44 points (+45|-1) ago

And how are the beliefs of these liberals, which defy scientific understanding, not treated as religious in their own right? They are theological in nature. So essentially the school is picking one religion over another, and it's doing so not on the basis of any kind of value or merit-based system, but only on the basis of social pressure. The liberal religion is given priority, and the conservative religion is scoffed.

For all the liberals who pretended we were "nuts" for describing a slippery slope, we are seeing the effects this is having enter government institutions, tax-payer funded institutions and take their effects. This man didn't intentionally offend anyone. He used last names as a compromise to avoid having to sabotage his own belief system, and not cause any outright conflict with others'. He did the sensible thing, and something most people wouldn't have had the tolerance for.

And what? He is punished for that? Actively setting an example that the liberal ideology isn't something that can even be compromised with. It is totalitarian, comprehensive, and intolerant. People need to wake up, and fast.

New Hampshire: Sexual assault charges are dropped against a refugee due to 'cultural incompetence' submitted by Bill_Murrays_Sandals to whatever

chirogonemd 0 points 40 points (+40|-0) ago

So they're basically saying this man is incompetent to integrate into the established society with rule of law and behavioral standards, BU T LET'S BRING 'EM IN!

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Black Dude Gets A Toe Tag For Messing With The Wrong Gun Owner submitted by HarryVonZell to news

chirogonemd 13 points -8 points (+5|-13) ago

I have to say this one is horseshit. Sure the guy shouldn't have parked there. Dick move. Was the white guy justified to complain? Probably.

But if another man was getting shitty with my girlfriend (who wasn't even the driver) I'd probably be in his face also.

And a shove doesn't justify lethal force. I know our general bias here and I am with that. But a shove shouldn't mean you get to shoot someone in the chest.

There needs to be a real perceived threat of harm to one's life. The black guy shoved and then made no attempt to kick the guy while down, nor did he instantly try to mount him and rain down fists. He also didn't draw a weapon. Also when the white guy drew a gun there was a delay where the black guy noticeably backed away. The white guy took a moment to decide to shoot. Being adrenalized isn't justification to kill.

The white guy was upright and could coherently see that the guy wasn't pursuing further aggressive action. If he was, he'd have already been doing it.

Black or white or brown or yellow. We can't have people pulling guns and shooting others over a fucking shove. Now if there were other exigent circumstances, i.e. the guy had a group that was surrounding him or he'd seen the black guy reaching for a gun, the situation changes.

But as it stands this was wrong. The white dude could clearly see the presence of his gun was diffusing it. He shot because he was angry and startled and wanted to retaliate. That isn't sufficient reason to kill.

Would all the cop haters here be okay if a cop shot a guy for shoving him?

Black Dude Gets A Toe Tag For Messing With The Wrong Gun Owner submitted by HarryVonZell to news

chirogonemd 10 points -8 points (+2|-10) ago

Blindside? Who got blindsided here?

If you think being able to use lethal force on someone for shoving you, on the grounds you don't know what they could potentially do, you are a retard.

Sure, guy keeps pursuing. You have justification. Guy reaches for a gun or knife, you have justification. But the guy backed away. The situation was diffusing. Use some common fucking sense.

So if a guy shoves you ever, you can shoot him? Never know what he could do! Even if at the sight of your weapon he hurriedly backs away?

Call me crazy I would rather see people who carry use their weapons with some tactical discretion and respect for threat level.

We need to have a reasonable line that constitutes defending your life versus ending a scuffle with murder.

So this just happened... submitted by not_drunk to videos

chirogonemd 14 points -7 points (+7|-14) ago

Let's point out something important: FEDERAL COPS. As far as I'm concerned, federal cops are suffering from the same systemic swamp syndrome that the rest of the federal government does. The FBI is one of the centers of the fuckery. But using some twat feds to say cops at the local level (county/city), or even state boys, are all evil......just get fucked.

Understand that a cop is not a cop is not a cop. Things are a lot different at that level that they would be at the Vidor City level. In fact, the Vidor local dept praised the volunteer help pretty emphatically.

All of the rampant cop hate makes me sick. A lot of sorry, spoiled ass cunts who think they know better how to promote law and order in a nation. Let's see who you call next time you're in deep shit.