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McDonald's on Twitter takes aim at Trump, then deletes the tweet submitted by Bill_Murrays_Sandals to whatever

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Fake Food

Minister finally admits: Sweden has big problems and it has everything to do with immigration. submitted by TheModsAreJews to politics

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Holy fucked! That bitch thinks she still has a tax base wtf is wrong with these dumbfucks? How the fuck do you bring indigent takers who have provided zero to your infrastructure but will destroy all aid and whatever infrastructure you had that was paid for by your tax base.....fucks you when you tell those tax payers you need more from them to feed mouths that will never contribute to whatever the fuck they are creating. Watch these muzzies burn your counrtry down when they get all the free shit taken away....what the fuck is wrong with those dumb cunts running that clown cuntry

Seth Rich's Parents Thank the Public for Help in Finding His Murderer submitted by UKLooney to videos

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CORRECTION: Seth Rich's parents thank the public for not electing his murder president

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Let's stop pretending that these people give a fuck about us submitted by crucesignatis to politics

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allallah akkkabars bitches

United CEO doubles down in email to employees, says passenger was 'disruptive and belligerent' submitted by Calann to news

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United CEO doubles down in email to employees, says his crew had to re-accommodate some niggers face and clown his ass so everyone sees you don't fuck wit united son....don't fuck wit united, take that shit to delta you four eyed motherfuckers -Munoz out p.s. keep soaring my bitches, feel free fuck up any seated customers and overbook the shit out of everything ...fuck yeah united motherfuckers, fuck what you knew as continental

His church only provides shelter from taxes. submitted by SuitablyBored to funny

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That's gods mansions, that's gods fleet of luxury cars, those are gods sex slaves in the back room