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These prosthetics are very cool. submitted by Javik2186 to science

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Do Not Get The New Battlefield submitted by rockemsockemroblox to gaming

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As with other industries, traditional gaming payment systems are usually slow, cumbersome, and expensive. They can also cause a maldistributed ecosystem of wealth as the middlemen and large vendors benefit the most from those inefficiencies.

With cryptocurrency payments, in-app purchases become frictionless as micropayments can transfer directly from players to the game developer. There’s no more need for a middleman in this transaction. The security and immutability of blockchain technology are enough to facilitate this type of trustless exchange.

The blockchain also brings value to game distribution. Instead of publishing to a centralized marketplace like the Apple App Store, game developers can reach consumers directly through a decentralized marketplace. to know more please check our site:-

Why the Left Loves and Hates Science -- It's not real science, it's an infallibility cult. submitted by sand_mann to science

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Blockchain has shown its usefulness when recording events like transactions. This usefulness could be extended to medical records, which often suffer from inaccuracy and discrepancies.

Healthcare professionals are responsible for ensuring that sensitive medical records are accurate, complete, and only available to authorized individuals. All of this can prove to be difficult when healthcare providers all have different systems for storing information.

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Jews Now Targeting Japan with Diversity submitted by EngelbertHumperdinck to politics

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Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way in which information is stored and shared. It facilitates the creation of a distributed public ledger of transactions that is transparent, secure, self-validating, and cannot be forged. Tampering or tinkering with the data is impossible as a copy exists with every user or participating nodes. for more information please check our site:-

'Second brain' neurons keep colon moving, may have evolved prior to central nervous system submitted by ArsCortica to science

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By having a “prescription blockchain,” much of the problems that arise from varied systems and records could be avoided as the blockchain could serve as a shared and trustworthy source of patient prescription records. Healthcare providers could have an accurate, immediate view into a patient’s medications, both past and present, which would result in better, more personalized treatment.