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Open Borders For Thee, Not For Me. submitted by tendiesonfloor to politics

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Note: David French is not Jewish. He's actually white, which makes it even worse. This traitor is lower than a worm. will be shut down Monday submitted by lissencarak to news

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you were doing so good

The decline of the West has been historically incredible. Went from Mozart/Michelangelo/Most advanced culture on earth to trashed by refugees. submitted by eqi397 to whatever

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The scary thing is there might not be a heartland of just white people left anywhere from which to rebuild, and that's exactly their plan. Right now miscegenation is our biggest existential threat, and although there has always been mixing of blood at the borders, it has never happened before that so many people of such low quality were being so aggressively mixed with our populations. It is naked genocide.

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Commentator on Fox News Suggests That Law Enforcement Should Go Door to Door to Anyone Suspected of Making 'Anti-Semetic' Remarks submitted by OhRutherfordBehave to politics

billstickers420 8 points -7 points (+1|-8) ago

Spare us the chest pounding. You faggot Americans will meekly turn in your guns when they come knocking. If you were going to "rise up" you would have already done it.

Not saying you SHOULD give them up. You have a good thing. But it's obviously wasted on you guys.

Science says liberals, not conservatives, are psychotic submitted by ConquistadorCoronado to science

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What you should really be asking yourself is "What is good for me and my people?" This is the only consideration that matters. I don't think either weed or Muslims are good for my people. So fuck both.

2019 it will have been 50 yrs since the USA put a man on the Moon, now it borrows lifts from Russian rockets to go to the space station...JFK said the Moon and Mars 5 yrs later. WTF happened? submitted by Kippering to AskVoat

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We never went to the moon in the first place. I clung to the lie long after I'd come to accept the truth about the Holohoax, but I WANTED to believe we'd been to the moon. I was oddly relieved to no longer have to hate Nazis.