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Account Deleted By User submitted by 13osiris13 to whatever

aria_taint 8 points 70 points (+78|-8) ago

Dear faggot "refugees" from Reddit...(clear's throat)...nigger.

London's new Muslim mayor seeks to ban ads featuring bikini-clad models over "body shaming" submitted by Running_Bear23 to news

aria_taint 3 points 63 points (+66|-3) ago

You cucked your fucking selves London! This is what you get for the pc shit pool you've become.

How To Get Your Stolen Tax Money Back submitted by EarlPoncho to whatever

aria_taint 0 points 52 points (+52|-0) ago

My local police two towns over did this. I went early with cash!! I purchased a Russian made sks with bayonet, 2 30 round mags, and 100 rounds of ammo for $125 from a guy in the police station parking lot before he went to trade it in for $100 gift card. Later on the police found out a lot of people were doing this and we're so pissed off. The gun I bought would have been the one they held up on the news as a success but they could only show a bunch of rusty shot guns and a few pistols because people like me bought all the good ones!!

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Michigan: Immigrant Workers Fired After Skipping Work For Protest submitted by sand_mann to news

aria_taint 21 points -21 points (+0|-21) ago

Back to reddit faggot

Account Deleted By User submitted by TXRunningMan to news

aria_taint 12 points -10 points (+2|-12) ago

Ass hurt faggot confirmed.