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This downvote bot is upsetting me so much I want to make an altaccount_____, submitted: 7/14/2018 7:45:18 PM, -7 points (+3|-10)

What would you do if you had been born differently than you are now?, submitted: 7/14/2018 7:42:31 PM, -4 points (+2|-6)

I don't have a twatter but if one of you goats wants to make #NAG trend, I won't mind one bit, submitted: 5/16/2018 2:22:30 AM, -4 points (+1|-5)

So I was replaying Earthbound today..., submitted: 5/23/2018 3:36:14 AM, -4 points (+1|-5)

Type "NYC" in all caps in MS word, then change the text to both webdings and wingdings., submitted: 4/3/2018 1:27:48 AM, -3 points (+2|-5)

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Account Deleted By User submitted by TerdWilson to TellVoat

altaccounttwo 0 points 28 points (+28|-0) ago

You are officially her favorite neighbor. Prepare to be asked about every school fundraiser. Hopefully you like wrapping paper, magazines, and chocolate bars.

At the very least, expect some cookies.

These people submitted by Grumpy_Old_Man to whatever

altaccounttwo 0 points 17 points (+17|-0) ago

Nah that biker had it coming. Body language, people.

Pro-Robinson demonstration tommorow in UK submitted by thatguyiam to politics

altaccounttwo 0 points 16 points (+16|-0) ago

Flooding UK jails with Patriots when the violent invaders are intentionally being kept out of jails and allowed to roam free... This looks like a fucking attempt to remove a logical resistance

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Hey everybody, shut the fuck up. This is important: 'Full Metal Jacket' actor R. Lee Ermey dies at age 74 submitted by HarveyKlinger to news

altaccounttwo 14 points -14 points (+0|-14) ago

[Extremely low-effort attempt at trying to pretend I can redpill]

(((Disney)))'s 'A Wrinkle in Time' ditches the book's explicit Christian references and the movie really suffers because of it submitted by tendiesonfloor to movies

altaccounttwo 12 points -7 points (+5|-12) ago

The same as any non-producing (insert skin tone) person would. Demonizing a person for their skin color is wrong. List all the stats you like, but the fact that good exists in all races alone is enough to say that your comment is almost hypocritical.

Am I really being followed by downvote bots? The last post I made was good fuck yall submitted by altaccounttwo to whatever

altaccounttwo 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

But my downvotes