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Did anyone else notice Bethesda is trying to slip paid mods back in? submitted by DamagedandDreaming to gaming

allogonist 3 points 56 points (+59|-3) ago

Paid mods aren't a problem.

The problem was that they went to a community of free mods and politely suggested that they charge money and give more than half of their earnings to valve and Bethesda.

The problem was they did nothing to moderate or curate stolen content and fraud was rampant from day one.

The problem was most mods aren't legal to monetize due to copyright.

The problem was they encouraged developers to take down existing free content and replace it with paid content.

The problem was they allowed anyone to personally sell content which had previously been created by an open community.

It was a disaster because valve changed the nature of a complex business process without considering even one of the possible business impacts.

Paid mods are ok. What valve did wasn't.

ELI5: The 100 score to be able to downvote submitted by JircleCerking to ELI5

allogonist 0 points 42 points (+42|-0) ago

It is a much more transparent version of Reddit's vote controlling and shadowbanning system. Over there you never know if your votes counted or if your comments are visible or not. Here, they protect against bots by requiring a tiny amount of useful contribution in order to unlock voting.

I'm personally a huge fan of this system, even though I'm not allowed to downvote yet :(

deleted by user submitted by HughMungus2024 to news

allogonist 1 points 40 points (+41|-1) ago

Welcome to bizarro world where simply not being elected president is sufficient punishment for all crimes. Hillary may have sold the political influence of her office, had people murdered, and aided the creation of a terrorist regime, but she is going through a really hard time after losing her election so we should feel really sorry for her and just leave her be.

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The Attack on the USS Liberty submitted by JuiceTown to JuiceTown

allogonist 17 points -12 points (+5|-17) ago

Fuck guns

Notice how our statements are similar?

  • Both Jews and Guns were used in the attack on the USS Liberty.
  • The people who organized the attack are likely neither Jews nor Guns. At least they certainly don't follow the Jewish faith.
  • Someone is currently paying a whole lot of people on the internet to try and turn public opinion against both.
  • Both are useful tools in the game of creating race wars for profit and power.
  • Trump campaigned on a platform of supporting both of them.

Trump EPA Chief Says Carbon Dioxide Not "Primary Contributor To Global Warming" submitted by sand_mann to politics

allogonist 9 points -7 points (+2|-9) ago

I believe whatever the republicans tell me because liberal vs democrat is the exact same as good vs evil and it's clear that democrats are evil so republicans must be good.

Trump EPA Chief Says Carbon Dioxide Not "Primary Contributor To Global Warming" submitted by sand_mann to politics

allogonist 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

Yes I have been sent by the Jews to destroy the republican party. Call me a shill all you like, the people reading this will never know that I operate both accounts muahaha!