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The Economist: The TPP is dead submitted by flyawayhigh to news

akuta 0 points 62 points (+62|-0) ago

We've seen it with SOPA/CISPA, we've seen it with just about every piece of legislation that's been presented and shot down (or failed to meet muster in some other manner). This will be no different.

Downvoting restrictions are back submitted by Atko to announcements

akuta 2 points 46 points (+48|-2) ago


South Carolina cops refuse to release dash cam video of police shooting to death an unarmed, white teenager; family claims police desecrated his body submitted by OhBlindOne to news

akuta 0 points 37 points (+37|-0) ago

Or "it was lost when we were trying to recover it," or, "There was a malfunction with the dash cam and it was not recorded."

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deleted by user submitted by ShlomoShekelstein to politics

akuta 5 points -3 points (+2|-5) ago

I wasn't arguing with the other person, I was asking a legitimate question... and the lack of logic in your response shows more about your own agenda than theirs. I don't appreciate the way their government acts or the behaviors of large corporations (and their stockholders who obviously support what they do), but to give such a simple, diatribe-based answer without logical evidence... It doesn't make the second side of the coin look any better than the first.

deleted by user submitted by ShlomoShekelstein to politics

akuta 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

Your inability in understanding that my question is not denial of behavior does not support your argument. In fact, it makes your argument sound much less rational than it did to begin with.

I am not denying anything. In fact, I don't think any of my words denied any of the behaviors. I asked why they would do that if it were against their religious beliefs. It is a logical question to ask. It goes against their claimed inherent beliefs to push an agenda that goes directly against the Torah. A logical person wouldn't (and shouldn't) jump to a conclusion that "Jewish people are pushing a gay agenda that is contrary to their religious beliefs." It just isn't a logical assessment of the situation without factual evidence (and no, "Look all around you" is not a piece of factual evidence. It's subjective). Your response of "It harms the West, that's why" doesn't provide any supporting information to suggest that they'd want to harm the West (again, because it seems you didn't seem to gather this from my first post: I'm not saying they don't. I'm asking for evidence that points to them and shows that they are doing this for a cause. It's quite possible that those doing this behavior (and even if they have that intention) may not be Jewish at all).

I should have included that I preferred my response without diatribe, but I didn't want to assume that was the behavior I'd get (even though it's rather prevalent on the site, and within /v/politics, in the last couple of months).

deleted by user submitted by ShlomoShekelstein to politics

akuta 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

How about the Talmud?

How about it? What precisely are you suggesting?

Jews are anti-Western and anti Christian and seek to collapse the West. They are also instructed to genocide any existential threat, and because of the holocaust, white people are considered an existential threat.

First, I'd argue that there are many anti-Western, anti-Christian cultures that would love to see the collapse of Western culture. This doesn't take away from your statement; however, I know that the Jewish people that I know (mind you, I only know a few) aren't at all like that. That doesn't mean that there isn't a plurality that could be like that, but it doesn't do any justice to throw around accusation without objective evidence.

Why do you fail to mention Talmudic teachings?

I'm not failing to mention it for any reason other than historically Vayiqra (Leviticus, within the Torah) is what has outlined what acceptable sex is for humans in their eyes. As for the Talmud itself, even it suggests that homosexuality is unacceptable (of the 30 Commandments (Mitzvot), two of them describe sexual sins and refusal of marriage contracts to male couples).