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Another semi-refugee from reddit., submitted: 9/18/2015 8:54:25 AM, 8 points (+8|-0)

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Another semi-refugee from reddit., submitted: 9/18/2015 8:54:25 AM, 8 points (+8|-0)

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Rooms filled with white people can be microaggressions, University of Illinois report says submitted by 33degree to news

aeoo 0 points 62 points (+62|-0) ago

At what point does how you feel become your own responsibility?

Account Deleted By User submitted by counterjihad to news

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ISIS appears to be on solid financial footing. This could mean that waiting might be counterproductive.

Part of the problem is that a lot of average Mohammeds dream of a caliphate. It's a serious issue. Islamic ideology is basically out of control. Essentially Saudi Arabia and Iran are caliphates, but they're just not "pure" enough for the likes of ISIS. Iran is Shia, and Saudis have royals which ISIS and their sympathizers don't want. Where is the "pure" Sunni caliphate? This is what a lot of Muslims want and their religion tells them to want it too.

I have no idea where all this will go. But I fear if a reform movement doesn't start soon, there is going to be Islam vs the World war. And it's not because of ISIS. It's because of Islam and Muslims. Because if Muslims want a pure caliphate badly enough, and we in the West want to defend our own way of life badly enough, something is going to give. The world is not big enough for a caliphate that everyone knows will not respect any un-Islamic norms and will perpetually look down on Kuffar as essentially animals. It's a recipe for continual disaster and the world will not stand for it.

The real enemy isn't ISIS but this sick dream that a scary proportion of Muslims cherish. The dream of a caliphate, of a new golden age of Islam, all that garbage. ISIS receives money and manpower from all over the world. How is that possible? It's possible because Islamism is the real Islam and many Muslims know this.

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No layoffs this week: Marissa Mayers twisted joke kills morale. Yahoo in crisis. submitted by YoungerX to technology

aeoo 12 points -10 points (+2|-12) ago

she is a cunt

Nope, just a capitalist.

deleted by user submitted by BootyOrbiter to news

aeoo 11 points -9 points (+2|-11) ago

I'm having a bit of trouble feeling sorry for these ranchers. They own a shitload of land (more than 18 square miles), don't respect the boundaries, ignore warnings about fires, etc. Is this normal behavior among ranchers?

It's really hard to see them as victims when they act as ruthless land exploiters and hoarders. They own more land than most people will see in their lifetimes and it's not good enough for them.

Feminists Are Panicking And Lashing Out At Cassie Jaye's "The Red Pill" Movie submitted by Rummel to politics

aeoo 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

A nice pack of lies there.