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Trump should make a trade agreement with China and North Korea... We could call it the CHINK Agreement., submitted: 8/27/2018 8:45:10 PM, 157 points (+164|-7)

Franken Did Not, And Will Not Resign., submitted: 12/8/2017 5:23:57 PM, 142 points (+146|-4)

You'd Think There'd Be A Google Doodle For The New President?, submitted: 1/20/2017 6:35:37 PM, 68 points (+69|-1)

Things Americans Used to Say, But Don't Say Anymore..., submitted: 4/3/2018 2:13:39 PM, 53 points (+54|-1)

To All The Liberals Planning On Boycotting the State of the Union Address, submitted: 1/15/2018 2:27:21 PM, 44 points (+44|-0)

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One More Story of a Man Standing Up For All Of Us, submitted: 5/6/2016 11:12:37 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

One More Story About A Amn Stangin Tall For The Rest Of Us, submitted: 5/6/2016 11:16:20 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Drumming Up Business to Sub: v/TraditionalWives, submitted: 3/14/2017 6:30:19 PM, 1 points (+6|-5)

Kim Kardashian "Mentally Prepped" to be raped During Heist. LOL More Like "Hopeful", submitted: 3/21/2017 11:34:38 AM, 2 points (+2|-0)

Business Figures Out How Gun Owners Can Help Business - I hope it catches on., submitted: 6/16/2016 2:02:36 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

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Fucking White people and their *closes eyes, throws dart* pet ownership! submitted by Bill_Murrays_Sandals to whatever

YoHomie 0 points 75 points (+75|-0) ago

Dogs bite niggers by instinct. They can sense danger and need to protect the hand that feeds them. It doesn't take too much intellectual strain for the dog to figure out that the nigger is a threat and that he must be bitten.

The real trouble comes when trying to get the taste of nigger out of his mouth after biting him, the dog licking his own ass will only go so far.

Robbing a Store with a Cowboy in it submitted by TONYHUSTLE to gifs

YoHomie 1 points 73 points (+74|-1) ago

"Hello 911?" "You may want to send someone to save this skinny little nigger that tried to rob my store"

Milo Reinstated On Twitter After Gigantic Backlash submitted by Mr_Sir to politics

YoHomie 1 points 67 points (+68|-1) ago

This guy has a huge following. To think; if the liberals hadn't made such a huge stink about his words, I'd have probably never heard of him. Now he is my hero. To think the liberals vaulted this guy to the stratosphere of the media spotlight all by themselves. He is the product of the left, 100%. They've done this to themselves in a big way. I never thought I'd be thanking the far left for anything, but the time has come.

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LADIES, PLEASE DON'T CIRCUMCISE YOUR BOYS- Circumcision Awareness Genera; submitted by runningbear to TraditionalWives

YoHomie 42 points -38 points (+4|-42) ago

No, they are not analogous, you moron. Jesus Christ, what an idiot.

Which vegetable is the best vegetable? submitted by Korinthian to AskVoat

YoHomie 22 points -18 points (+4|-22) ago

Broccoli is for fags.

Biking to work, 7.7 miles in 30 minutes submitted by MrPim to SelfHelpForABetterMe

YoHomie 16 points -15 points (+1|-16) ago

God, arrogant, pretentious pricks like you are annoying. Be sure to post your boasts to every social media site you belong to as well so everybody can be super impressed. Fuckstick.