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Anyone remember this classy move?, submitted: 7/27/2016 9:01:49 PM, 211 points (+216|-5)

This is why mom doesn't fucking love you., submitted: 3/21/2017 9:44:32 PM, 124 points (+129|-5)

REMINDER: Tomorrow is April Fools. Dont believe the internet., submitted: 3/31/2017 6:04:43 PM, 107 points (+108|-1)

Here's to two years on Voat [OC], submitted: 2/23/2017 5:50:30 PM, 89 points (+89|-0)

TIL Chastity belts were a myth with no credible evidence that they existed before the 15th century, and no widespread use until the 19th, submitted: 1/12/2016 5:33:26 PM, 78 points (+80|-2)

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"My name is Enrico. I'm just a simple farmer." - Pythium666, submitted: 1/6/2016 3:39:47 PM, -1 points (+4|-5)

Mae Brussell: Jonestown Was a CIA Mind Control Experiment (12-01-1978) PT 1 of 3, submitted: 2/16/2018 1:43:52 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

Real Russia - Game of Thrones (S7E7) Movie Theater Screening in Ufa, submitted: 8/29/2017 6:58:47 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Black Biggot - Uncommon objects store in austin tx, submitted: 11/22/2017 10:42:57 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

TheDailyWoo 1824 - Wandering Thru Downtown Los Angeles, submitted: 6/29/2017 2:02:52 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

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deleted by user submitted by BuddhasLittleWarlock to AskVoat

Vladimir_Komarov 0 points 70 points (+70|-0) ago

Fuck that place. I wasn't as much against Pao as I was the corporate direction the site began to take as a whole. Before leaving I began to see the whole site as a target for guerrilla advertisers and social scientists using the massive userbase to establish and hone new marketing and propaganda strategies. When Voat crashed out during the fattening I tried to go back to see if I was just jadded and cynical, but even if I were I found no solace in my return. This is not even touching the current primary election chaos which I do not have time to go into. So again, and as many times as I can say it. Fuck Reddit. Fuck Reddit and all of their ass hat corporate manipulators and political fear mongers. Fuck em. Fuck em one and all.

Guy on dirtbike jumps train tracks and gets away from cops submitted by meno to gifs

Vladimir_Komarov 2 points 47 points (+49|-2) ago

I see at least 2 camera people. Soooo...bullshit.

Hawaii employee who issued false missile alert thought it was real emergency, FCC says - Ever-changing "official" stories are the norm now submitted by HarveyKlinger to news

Vladimir_Komarov 0 points 46 points (+46|-0) ago

My understanding is it was real and meant to provoke Pres into action against NK. Trump did not take bait. Played as false alarm to keep it from taking over the news cycle. These people are desperate. These people are stupid. These people are sick.

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Rand Paul and why i am going to vote for him. submitted by Lag-wagon to whatever

Vladimir_Komarov 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

Interesting question, but asking it concedes that you agree with the position that Trump is lying at least as much as everyone else. I feel Libertarian candidate Robert David Steele is far more honest than any main stream candidate (especially when he describes the majority of government workers as good people stuck in a bad system). He'd be my choice if he makes it to the ballot, but the truth is a hard thing to get through the system. Really, any candidate not openly pushing for electoral reform, specifically the overturning of Citizens United, is bought and paid for by someone.

Netflix Removes 'Jihadis Next Door' Documentary that Included Terrorist Responsible for London Attack submitted by DabbaDan to whatever

Vladimir_Komarov 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

It's the internet. If you're interested in sources dig a bit. When you find proof against, feel free to post it, but don't use this lazy ass argument. It took me less than a minute to find multiple sources for the above statement, as well as several refutations.