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This must be pursued: Who and where is Caris James (#carisjames)? In the Megyn Kelly "interview," Alefantis claims that the child taped to the table was taped by her sister...what sister?? submitted by reasonedandinformed to pizzagate

Verite1 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago

What a great analogy. I'm starting to understand this story. It's not that pedophiliac behavior is occurring WITHIN CPP, on the premise. It's the fact that he and his circle of friends, including the wealthy billianaire Clinton buddies & gov't officials, are involved in state sponsored trafficking which ALLOWS for and enables pedophilia, and Alefantis was careless in his celebration and communication of his preferences through social media and because of his affiliation with Podesta et al, it was inevitable that the link would be made to the wider culture of corruption. So, yes he may be the Achilles heel to the "ring" that brings it crashing down.

good article denouncing Russian Hacking allegations, from former CIA spy; mentions "strong possibilities" John Podesta is a pedophile. submitted by Sandy008 to pizzagate

Verite1 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago

I think this is a very very good detailed summary of the issue of Russian hacking our elections, voter suppression, and leaked information, all of which are different specific occurrences that need to be parsed. From everything I have read, from multiple sources from all over the political spectrum, this summary accurately corroborates the facts being reported. FBIAnon spoke of disgruntled NSA employees leaking information as well as statements coming from the FBI. Steve Pieczenik's claims. You have documentaries being made by those on the progressive left discussing the ways in which the right seeks to suppress African-American voters and eliminate them from the voter rolls. Look up Greg Palast and the film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. An attempt to audit Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania by Jill Stein, who was not selling out to/paid by Hillary Clinton. That was a grassroots effort aimed at more transparency, not to help Hillary Clinton, but to expose machine tampering, registrations being flipped by way of vote by mail, the lack of paper trails etc. Then you have the D&C insider Seth Rich who most likely is the source for those emails pointing to the rigging of the Democratic primary and stealing it from Bernie Sanders. Email leaks showing the collusion between Clinton campaign and the media which is no longer trust worthy Then you have the known spying by every single government and meddling in elections, which is a separate thing. We have emails from Podesta saying he would make someone an example of leaks, even if they didn't have a real person. Add to that the reporting by George Webb of the decades long plan for regime change and all of the business interests and the FBI headed by Comey, long time Clinton supporter and fixer who is now obfuscating and obstructing the investigation and the release of the emails in question off of Anthony Weiner's computer as well as the 1,100 CF donors-who are they? Given what we know about CIA methods to control government officials, pedophilia and blackmailing of those involved, being more effective than prostitution and infidelity, so many implicated and the reason being, according to CIA whistleblowers and reporters, that nobody in those powerful positions will get there if they don't have skeletons which can be exposed, I think we now easily see what has lead to a breakdown in our judicial system, electoral system, i.e. Democracy is a sham.

Police 'break up gay orgy' at Apartment owned by the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which is in charge of tackling clerical sexual abuse submitted by Dfens to pizzagate

Verite1 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

The only way I've been able to broach this topic with asleep liberals is by discussion of the show "The Keepers." People are beginning to watch it and connect the dots and the second most powerful tool is what's happening in the Catholic Church. This latest break up is on the heels of charges against Cardinal Pell, who is been called "sociopathic" and one of the enablers to the covering up of child sex abuse. I know ppl who have denounced and permanently left the Church as a result of finding out they are part of the root of this problem but how to reach the masses? I mean Spotlight was Oscar nominiated and it's like ppl have short memory.

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Alex Jones: Trump Has Authorized Arrests for Protected Pedo Ring submitted by MeatballPizza to pizzagate

Verite1 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

Is he tho? "The freakin best?" What about the billionaires being appointed, the science deniers, and those who have been appointed to lead departments they aren't qualified to run and are pledging to eliminate? I'm all for ending the state sponsored rogue CIA/state sponsored, Wallstreet funded regime change by way of arming terrorists, to exploit resources, but I'm thinking their could have been better Rep candidate 🙄

4/20/2017! York police arrest over 100 men in child prostitution investigation submitted by Drnoway to pizzagate

Verite1 10 points -4 points (+6|-10) ago

I must comment on this. The issue of transgenderism is separate from the issue of sexual consent and pedophilia. It's possible that there are people out there who recognize the science behind gender identity who ARE trying to normalize pedophilia, but it does not go without saying that all people who are transgender or who recognized transgenderism hold these views. It would merely be a coincidence. Like saying that all Brandi is cognac when in fact only cognac from that region in France can be called cognac. Just because someone is transgender does not mean they are attracted to minors nor does it mean people who understand transgenderism correctly IE that it is scientifically-based and occurs within weeks of the embryo forming due to a very specific hormonal make up, all have some nefarious agenda to normalize pedophilia. I just need to make this very clear. I have seen the articles cited whereby certain individuals in this country and abroad are moving to normalize pedophilia and characterize it as a preference not a crime and I am absolutely against us. That is ridiculous it is offensive. But these are not doctors and scientists, the bulk of whom only weigh in on the scientific facts, that transgender individuals are born with this identity question. Again sexual identity has nothing to do with sexual attraction.

Seen this anyone? Daily Show guest associates pizza w/ sex (vagina to be exact) and says that's what Jon Stewart "is into." submitted by HollandDrive to pizzagate

Verite1 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago

These kinds of posts really devalue the investigation. You may not be a liberal, this might not be your brand of comedy, but it doesn't infer anything. Pizza is quite clearly associated with the vagina because of the triangle in the shape and we now know that it has a reference in the FBI coded language. But it also just means the former, ie A pizza slice, triangle, vagina. Jon Stewart is not a pedophile. It is a comedy show, a liberal one. Stop trying to see pedophilia in every corner just because it does occur within the entertainment industry, just like it occurs in every industry.