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Thin shamed at work, punished for retaliatory shitlording submitted by AmesFontaine to fatpeoplehate

TurboSquid 0 points 191 points (+191|-0) ago

Firstly; congratulations on your return to humanity from whaledom.

Secondly; you've hurt their fat fee-fees now, they're going to be watching you like a hawk for any further "fat-transgressions".

My advice would be to put in a formal complaint ASAP about the AIDS comment and be ready to submit more complaints in the future, they may well try to goad you into more shitlording to get you fired.

I posted this as a comment and it was super cathartic, but I'd like for more than maybe 5 people to actually see it. This is important if you're a fat parent, please read lurkers. submitted by KingMortales to fatpeoplehate

TurboSquid 0 points 40 points (+40|-0) ago

Added some formatting:

If you're a lurker planning to be or currently are a parent, please read it and get that this is what you're doing, and if you don't care about yourself please realize part of the responsibility as a mother/father is to be what your child should aspire to.

Don't doom them to your life.
My mom's one of them and my whole life it's been a detriment. She couldn't play with me when I was a kid like my dad did and blamed it on her age (she was 40 when I was born), but the extra 80-100 pounds were probably it. Most people in their 40's can still run and keep up with an 8 year old.

She had me on the same diet as herself, which basically turned me into the moon to her planet and made my life suck until junior year in high-school when I finally realized what was happening and lost weight myself. Despite finally taking care of myself, I will have stretch marks my whole life because of her poor parenting, and may god have mercy on the souls of the children who make young me look small.
We went to Yosemite when I was 9 and anytime we had to hike it sucked because she was so out of shape and slow, and the times we went to theme parks were lame because she had to stop and rest so much just from walking around a few hours, and we always left a few hours before the parks closed because she was tired. There were lots of other big things, but it also extends to normal life, with things as simple as grocery shopping, where my legs actually cramp from having to walk at her pace, and the times when she used the scooter (in her fucking 50's) were really embarrassing.

All the lurking hams who just want to report on us to the mother base at tumblr are constantly reading these comments (and I'm not even being hateful, just sharing my experiences) are gonna label all of us as unintelligent trolls instead of seeing something heartfelt, meaningful, and painful like being raised by a ham and taking it to heart that that's what they're doing to their own children.
Also, all of this and she'd be considered a small fat by some of the monsters out there (5'8 and 220-260 at most times).

Thanks for the Story.

Nothing But Cheesy Potatoes... submitted by duannguyen to fatpeoplehate

TurboSquid 0 points 19 points (+19|-0) ago

Just look at it's disgustingly distorted face and greasy hair. It's digestive system is probably so blocked up that it's literally exuding grease out of it's scalp.

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She calls herself a "fitness coach"... submitted by Chronicallydieting to fatpeoplehate

TurboSquid 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

In the eyes of a whale, being able to cram themselves into a sportsbra equates to "being physically active"

"She" is wearing two in these photos, so that's probably why it thinks it's qualified to give health and fitness advice.

People picks up Project Harpon and points out the double Standard submitted by MDFMK to fatpeoplehate

TurboSquid 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

The Rebel Wilson as a human instead of buttergolem was amazing!

The disgust is obvious. submitted by AOU to fatpeoplehate

TurboSquid 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Are you joking? It seems like you're joking, but the combination of blubber-glugger and politician has me worried you might not be...