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HOLY SHIT!!! Police keeping David Seaman safe. Shits going down. submitted by Shepyd to pizzagate

Truthseeker3000 0 points 29 points (+29|-0) ago

David Seaman is a hero for what he's doing. He's putting his name and face out there. Look at his latest YouTube video on this. I stand behind what he is doing one hundred percent.

If we don't stand up with him, then we are part of the problem. Why bother coming on this site if you don't intend to really help the fight.

James Alefantis, Justin Barrows and... Alex Soros submitted by anolegion to pizzagate

Truthseeker3000 0 points 26 points (+26|-0) ago

Can you imagine how fucked up Alex Soros really truly is? He had to have had the worst MK Ultra traumatic childhood filled with ritualistic abuse and regular cult killing attendances. He's got his father narrative down to a tee now though. He's VILE and repulsive just like his papa. George Soros is said to have been at many child hunting parties in Europe. They are so contradictory they don't even know who they really are. They have so many faces. Alex looks, dresses and acts homosexual yet ales out like he's a womanizing playboy but what woman would find him attractive (other than if they were gold diggers)? The Soros' are the most EVIL horrible people on the face of the earth, along with the Rothschilds.

Pizzagate threatens to expose the CIA's involvement in ChildSexFrafficing. It's not about Clinton, it's not about Alefantis, they are bit players. The CIA is behind a WorldWideTrafficingRing submitted by youhavetogoback123 to pizzagate

Truthseeker3000 0 points 23 points (+23|-0) ago

Of course the CIA is behind child trafficking. Look no further than The Finders organization out of Wichita Kansas with connections to Michael Aquino mastermind of PsyOps psychological warfare (CIA). He was also behind the California daycare tunnels in which Ted Gunderson exposed. This man is PURE EVIL and hundreds of kids were abused in the hands of this predator. He also did much of the MK Ultra child training. These are facts.

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Secrets of the CIAs Global Sex Slave Industry 3 by Sue Arrigo MD submitted by garlicbulb to pizzagate

Truthseeker3000 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

Everyone please read: THIS STORY IS 100% FALSE, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS

Dr. Sue Arrigo/Cathy Fox/Gail Allen, whatever she likes to author herself under, is on here with literally over a dozen accounts. Why hide behind so many different names if your story is so true, why not do a YouTube video and show your face and talk about your story if it's so true? I've had many problems with her. She likes to argue with people. What I'm saying is 100% truthful as I spent a lot of time reading her garbage and looking for evidence of who she is to back up the claims and then I found her debunked on another conspiracy theory site. We need to focus on Pizzagate not some attention seeking lonely woman's claims of bogus nonsense.

She calls herself "Dr." Sue Arrigo. She has nothing to do with Cathy Fox or Gail Allen but she posts under these women's names because her own name has been debunked many times online. Also u will notice the author is Dr. Sue Arrigo at the top of the stories. Trust me I read the entire long story, MANY inconsistencies and I went researching and found the real truth. She reads all kinds of stories online and puts them all together and comes up with one long fabricated version that's is not accurate. She also started posting another blog about children from Ireland. I can't stand people looking for attention and sabotaging a real investigation. None of her timelines add up for what she says she is and titles etc. I also get flooded from messages by her whenever I debunk her. She's on here posting under numerous names I kid u not. She is nuts. Just giving u the heads up instead of reading the long story and getting sucked in like I did it took away time from pizzagate looking into her nonsense.

She is a schizophrenic, overweight, long grey greasy haired, mid 60s woman (I saw her Facebook account) who claims to be a CIA high level government "Presidential Model" with all these special skills and that she still works for the CIA now in high clearance regularly meets with Obama and is raped and tortured by him, yet has time to post this shit all over the Internet. Her sister is quoted on another website apologizing for her posting her "true stories" all over the Internet on conspiracy theory websites. She claims she's working in high level CIA positions and that Obama rapes and tortures her regularly -COME ON!!! . Her sister confirms she has absolutely nothing to do with the CIA whatsoever and Sue's little rant about being separated by her sister is false, she's trying to sperate herself from the truth. This woman and her stories are NOT to be trusted or have anything to do with PedoGate.


Secrets of the CIAs Global Sex Slave Industry 3 by Sue Arrigo MD submitted by garlicbulb to pizzagate

Truthseeker3000 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

This has been debunked numerous times. It is garbage and is an attention seeking schizophrenic woman posting this crap over and over for more attention. Please google Dr. Sue Arrigo and you will find her own sister talking about it as 100% FALSE. She was NEVER in the CIA, let alone worked in any capacity. Please do not fall down this rabbit hole of misinformation.

PART 2 *Warning* Horrific! Detailed graphic drawings of SRA in Australia with High Level Politicians, Military, Actors, News Personalities (Kidman, Gittinger etc..) submitted by The_Roman_Numeral to pizzagate

Truthseeker3000 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

WARNING: This is that Cathy Fox / Gail Allen website who Dr. Sue Arrigo writes for. This is the woman who reads a bunch of articles online and makes up her own stories and posts them as fiction. I personally don't believe anything to do with her or these sites she posts to. She has multiple Voat profiles and keeps reposting to those websites under those 3+ women's names. Proceed with caution for any real usable evidence.