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Germans trying to talk sense into a Brainwashed NWO Agent submitted by mattsixteen24 to news

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cucknitive dissonance perhaps?

Program in C submitted by lakeyosemit to technology

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I would say faster execution and smaller binaries are the main ways that C is better.

Fake Ads on IT sector is dried up in Los Angeles, CA submitted by spys_sappin_mysentry to technology

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If I am not mistaken the H1B rules require employers to advertise the job first. If they can't find a "qualified" local person to fill the position they can then hire an H1B.

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Why we don't need to be in the Paris Climate accord: While the world surges in greenhouse gas production, USA drops for third straight year submitted by sand_mann to news

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Yes but Trump wants to reverse that with clean beautiful coal.

Flashback: Obama Says Jobs Are Just Not Coming Back Then Trump Adds 298,000 Jobs in First Month submitted by Joker68 to news

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The number of jobs added in one month does not mean that much. If you look at last year the US economy added 297,000 jobs in June of 2016.

Pissed Off Farmer Sprays Poop On Entitled Actress Trespassing On His Land! submitted by Ex-Redditor to videos

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When fracking waste fluids are pumped back down below the shale for what we hope will be safe disposal outside the groundwater system, we are pumping those fluids into porous rock, which requires high pressure. At the required pressures, the waste fluids can fill up the porous bedrock and open up otherwise stable faults.

From the article you linked. As to why it is not being prevented you need to look in one direction only. Money. Treating that waste water and disposing of it safely above ground costs money. It is far cheaper to pump it deep underground.

A quick reminder: Fracking itself doesn't cause felt earthquakes. Injecting fluids into the ground (as happens with the wastewater from fracking) spawns man-made earthquakes. The added fluids increase pore pressure on a fault's surface, unclamping the fault and making it easier to slip.