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The classics should be in every child's reach. submitted by Empress to TraditionalWives

TinaZ 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago

Check out Fantastic blog run by four very smart moms. They don't tell you what your child should read, but they perform a fabulous service by reviewing books, and giving parents the gist. It's overwhelming to try and process everything your children want to read.

Also, make sure you're looking at modern "classics", not just antiques. There's a place for older literature to be sure! But we also have to be able to appreciate new authors, and new voices.

Stay out of bookstores. They do NOT serve traditional families. They serve a political agenda. Can you find classics in them? Sure. But you AND your children will be bombarded with worldly agendas. Popular culture? No thanks.

Look for Christian/homeschool blogs. They often have long book lists. Even if you're not religious, they will be a source of carefully thought out books.

Here are a few of my absolute favorites, classics or not - all worth reading.
1. Carry on Mr. Bowditch ( a great read aloud for the whole family, or for a young adult on their own)

  1. The Laura Ingalls series - we have read, and re read them over and over.

  2. The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Well written alogory.

  3. Pollyanna - the book is fabulous, Pollyanna is not a syrupy goody-two shoes, like she's portrayed in the movie. Very sweet and decent heroine.

  4. Heidi - again, a virtuous and memorable heroine.

  5. The House of Sixty Fathers - Persistent and brave young hero.
  6. The Egg and I - Just a sweet, gentle well written read.
  7. Edward Eager's Magic Series - fun for all, especially good read aloud.
  8. Around the World in 80 Days - I HIGHLY, recommend the audio book read by Jim Dale. Masterful.
  9. The Rangers Apprentice - John Flanagan - my young teen son really enjoys Mr. Flanagan's work.
  10. A Lon Walk to Water - Linda Sue Park - great perspective of life in war torn Africa for kids
  11. Roald Dahl, particularly The BFG (some of his other work is a little too weird...even for our family)
  12. The War that Saved My Life - my 12 year old could not put this down.
  13. The Good Master by Kate Seredy
  14. The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett
  15. My Side of the Mountain - Jean Craighead George
  16. The Count of Monte Cristo (do yourself and your kids a favor, and read the abridged version)

Sorry for the long post. Reading is something our family is passionate about. Our children are taught from the time they're babies, that books are special. That books should go with you everywhere. To turn to a book whenever you have a chance - especially one book in particular. The Book. Read scripture to your kids at every opportunity, and encourage them to make it personal for themselves.

SAHMs- it's Friday and our husbands have worked all week. What are ways you help him look forward to the weekend? submitted by Empress to TraditionalWives

TinaZ 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago

Great post! 1. Limit over planning the weekends. Make sure it's a balance of chores/projects/socializing and down time together. Is your husband an introvert or an extrovert? Has he had it with people during the week? Does he need to reconnect with old friends? Help him accomplish his goals. I love to work on projects around the house with DH.
2. Buy your own lingerie (and wear it). Seriously, if you pick it out, you'll wear it. Check Amazon for amazing deals on designer stuff (look at Natori, Wacoal chemises....) - free 2 day shipping, easy returns, try it on in the privacy of your own home. WIN. 3. Start some Friday night traditions. - date night? movie night? naughty scavenger hunt? Ask him to help you plan your activities.

Love is not the answer to everything, but it creates a climate of security in which we can seek answers to those things that bother us. submitted by Empress to TraditionalWives

TinaZ 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago

Think of the beautiful circle created when a husband works to please his wife, and a wife works to please her husband. When I know my husband is in my corner, when I know without a shred of doubt, that he would sacrifice himself for me, how can I not feel cherished and secure. I can only strive to be his safe place as well.

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Hey, Trad wives....I need some help... submitted by philomath to TraditionalWives

TinaZ 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I have a big crew (14, 12, 10, 7, and 4). A few bits of advice:

Food that actually feeds the body, is rarely convenient, and often time consuming. It's a big reason being a mom is a full time job. Invest in the highest quality ingredients that your family can afford. Research health and nutrition (specifically processed foods/sugar/grains). Realize that what you feed your family is the best investment you can make for their future. And then pray over each meal.

Bacon! Oats! Homemade yogurt/or plain full fat store bought yogurt with raw honey and fruit. Good ol eggs and bacon. Crustless quiche with Swiss cheese and bacon, or smoked salmon. Spaghetti squash porridge. (Seriously. Google it. Yum.)

A question about tradwives and their role emergency home repairs. submitted by Dkeere to TraditionalWives

TinaZ 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

In our home, I would just as much expect my husband to know how to bake a cake, as he would expect me to change the oil in our truck. Translation? If he needs me to run interference with a malfunctioning appliance, or handle a septic system overflow, I will. If he wants me to help him change the oil in our truck, so that I'll know how, I will. It means if I want his help around the house before company comes, he's happy to chop onions, or bake a cake with me. If I have bible study, and the kids will need dinner while I'm gone, he'll either serve what I've made, or he is perfectly capable of making them something himself. We respect each other's work, and desire to help each other.

'Be his soft touch in a cold world' submitted by Empress to TraditionalWives

TinaZ 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Sorry I didn't respond sooner! I would be honored to be awarded whatever flare you think would be fitting. 😊