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WTF? More Elon Musk tweets submitted by ATX_1138 to OccidentalEnclave

ThorssonTrump 4 points 31 points (+35|-4) ago

did you know that one day imgur - while reddit banned fph - deleted all of fph's content without warning?

imgur is all fat sjws. "even the dog is fat."

fuck imgur and fuck people stupid enough to blindly use services without checking with whom they are doing business.

BRITAIN JUST WENT CUCKED BEYOND REDEMPTION. I honestly cannot believe they went this far. submitted by shadow332 to politics

ThorssonTrump 1 points 27 points (+28|-1) ago

wait, you're telling me we did D-Day 70 years early in the wrong nation?!?

3 lowest rated comments:

Proof that voat is an actual free speech zone: NIGGERS!!!!! Now, go try that on reddit and report your results back. submitted by Mouse-Ball-Z to whatever

ThorssonTrump 37 points -35 points (+2|-37) ago

@puttitout participated in the organized planned PAID takeover of voat. those that did the deed are known as SJW shills from r/ shitredditsays.

hundreds of users were banned for upvoting me for saying this while those very same paid shills were downvoat brigading me (20,000 points!) @puttitout banned 0 of those downvoaters, only the upvoaters.

now my account is soft censored. to post, use google. can only comment/post 10 times per 24 hours. how can someone have a conversation with someone on voat when you can only comment in response 10 times per 24 hours?

so when @kevdude @puttitout and the criminal shills decide you don't get to speak freely, apparently goats have no recourse.

so i'm making a replacement to voat.

p.s. zionist jews and islam are the next great filters facing humankind.

fun fact! they have a downvoat bot attached to voat's API to auto-downvoat any account they want.

those downvotes get onto posts BEFORE they are visible to the public on v/all/new.

to save voat remove the criminal paid shills like puttitout crensch rotteuxx kevdude.

Proof that voat is an actual free speech zone: NIGGERS!!!!! Now, go try that on reddit and report your results back. submitted by Mouse-Ball-Z to whatever

ThorssonTrump 28 points -26 points (+2|-28) ago

>check out my other comment to see what you CAN'T say on voat lol.

over 400 accounts are "globally banned" for upvoting me. ask @puttitout. oh wait, that's right, @puttitout promised no bans without (((clarification))) but they kept on banning upvoaters, and @puttitout never clarified.

Day old shill with exactly 5 upvotes on every comment. submitted by BlockMe to ProtectVoat

ThorssonTrump 26 points -21 points (+5|-26) ago

nice catch, @blockme but it's useless now. @puttitout is a paid criminal SJW shill, and owns/operates this site.

there used to be this user named ME motherfucker (@sanegoatiswear) that ran the anti-shill sub. but then shills took over voat, downvoat brigaded me 20,000 points into account restrictions, spent thousands of hours (over the course of 10 months, every single day) harassing me, defaming me, muddying waters/poisoning the voat well, to silence me talking about their takeover. one of the things @puttitout did was make up lies about me to justify outright stealing the mod positions of the subs i modded, after the paid criminal sjw shills from r/ shitredditsays manufactured drama on v/til to get me removed from there. then @puttitout removed @thc from v/videos simply for making a bottom sticky banner linking to a megapost about these shill activities that @puttitout was participating in. then @puttitout banned 400+ users for upvoating me while they were attempting the massive downvoat brigade. not a single downvoat brigader was banned nor warned.


shills would have no power against this community if the coders, main mods, and the fucking owner weren't fucking goddamn paid criminal SJW shills.

since @puttitout the paid criminal shill account won't give up voat,

i am making a new voat to replace these niggers - - a voat without censorship.