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UN aid agency backed by Angelina Jolie is the latest to be embroiled in sex scandal as 19 allegations of abuse are made against staff submitted by letsdothis1 to pizzagate

Theytookoutgodslaw 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

Thes wealthy people who say they are humanitarian, are not. They want youthful never decaying kingdom. And they'll kill 3/4 of the world's pop to do it. Noting but false promises from Satan.

Strange pictures on Liddle Kidz Pinterest, including little girl standing in front of a hotdog stand in Hawaii submitted by Mad_As_Hell to pizzagate

Theytookoutgodslaw 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago

I used to work with Richard, always had sexual innuendos. I worked for living foods market and sold him bread. Some of the owners of shops there would come in and eat, and whisper to each other when a half naked teen walked in with their swimming suit on. The original owner, jim Moffat of living foods market has the same sofrito caramelized onions for the pizza sauce as comet ping pong. I was told by the assisting GM that the original owner was a cocaine orgy person he owns Bar Acuda, always talked about famous people eating at his resturant .....I fell sick.

CIA's connection to elite pedophilia submitted by lamplight to pizzagate

Theytookoutgodslaw 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago

Holt and the Anonymous Patriots then conclude with suggestions for President Trump to stop the “overthrow of America by the CIA.>

CIA is Hollywood. And as you explained CIA is in money for bizz, it permitted that public MK-ultra, the distance cognitive impairment for you to say to that cognitive impairment person," 9/11 was a controlled demolition, and engineers, scientists, and controlled demolition experts conclude this." (while showing them college lab test of nanotechnology explosive), they look at you as public enemy one. CIA wants you to buy buy buy everything that comes out even if you don't need it. Satan lures you to dazzling things and makes you not trust in God's judgement during every sec of His day that he gives you. The whole US government shook hands with Nazi Jews during WWI and WWII.

Trump is Hollywood, cosmic books had him president with a wall in the 90's. owner of wwf when they had the predictive programing of the twin towers vs hulk Hogan and slim Jim....Trump is groomed by Satan, they have all been groomed by Satan. God says punish will come slowly and you won't even notice it. Half of Trumps integration was it being on a Sabbath and part of his family was pardon by the Babylon rabbi book talmud. Where you can have pedo with a three year or younger baby, and it says Jesus is in hell. The likeness of Jesus is Enoch or Elijah, God took Him before the rich jews killed him.

Ted Turner is in cia, cia is dif in CNN Ted is in wrestling entertainment, Clinton have wrestling entertainment for hit men.

I mean come on its a bird of a feather flock together. Satan will make you powerful, but when the mountains are waxed he will leave you in the lurch.

Look at the Sings, Tump is groomed like every other. Left wing people, right wing people...still part of the same bird. The Zionists wores are riding the beast of Babylon and the world chip isn't even here yet.

I get the post but when you imply that we should call out to trump for some help?!?! And you're on a pizzagate investigation forum? You color yourself like Alex Jones saying, with such pride, he had family in CIA and they were at his home in Texas having a BBQ.

I would turn off your TV, internet, and turn on your prays to the One God Almighty. You'll feel a lot better. I ask forgiveness for getting on this mechromancer. Read king James, Demonoligy, he talks about mechromancer and that the church itself is controlled opposition.

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Just Stumbled Upon One of the Strongest Pieces of Scientific Evidence I've Ever Seen that Ritual Abuse is Real. Of Course We all Know it is Real, But This is More Ammunition Against the Liars submitted by 3141592653 to pizzagate

Theytookoutgodslaw 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

The biggest ammunition is crying to God, and not Jesus. FBI, YOUR LOCAL police, your federal government will not do anything. I'm your devoted advisor.

'Smallville' actress Allison Mack 'set to be arrested over ties to sex slave cult' and her alleged role as a recruiter for a sex cult following the arrest of co-founder Keith Raniere submitted by Orangutan to pizzagate

Theytookoutgodslaw 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

Satan schemes, he is the "commander in chief", and Bob Dlyn say, . Satan knows he will lose so, take it as someone that will deliberately make someone else fall to have others fall; as many as he can make fall.

Cool-aid trump drinkers think that he will be the saving grace, he has talked about the mark of RFID. He has talked about solving human trafficking, immigration, and RFID has been in the same breath of his.

Important Petition! President Trump to make an executive order to stop online censorship! submitted by srayzie to pizzagate

Theytookoutgodslaw 6 points -4 points (+2|-6) ago

Protect his supporters?!? Sounds like Obama and the "hate speech". Same bird. Diffrent wing. LGBT (PPB) is not a right but a left to Satan. And trump is a pos who will burn in hell with them. This isn't about helping free speech but taking it away. The blind leading the blind.