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The most Offensive thing about this toon is its all true?, submitted: 3/13/2018 1:41:45 PM, 188 points (+189|-1)

SHITHOLE countries....London?, submitted: 3/13/2018 1:42:51 PM, 125 points (+127|-2)

refugee....Finally Made that Road Trip, submitted: 3/13/2018 1:46:23 PM, 72 points (+79|-7)

Faithful dog waits outside Brazilian hospital four months after his homeless owner dies, submitted: 3/13/2018 5:33:07 PM, 37 points (+38|-1)

Schemers trying to control their worlds... 94,673 Whites murdered tortured in South Africa...a part of the plan. Black African athlete Attacked with saw, EVERYBODY LOSES THEIR MINDS!, submitted: 3/8/2018 11:32:22 AM, 36 points (+37|-1)

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The mayor of Londonistan comes to America demaning that the country and its tech companies outlaw free speech. submitted by tendiesonfloor to news

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Uppity House Goblin London mayor jihad Khan

UK Border Conrol Embraces Medieval Islamic Law submitted by icuntstopswearing to politics

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al-Lah was a pedophile war monger Moongod followed by a tribe of islamist camel jackers, these moslems who pray to their war monger prophet and Death Cult founder unknowningly follow a confused mix of older religion such as Babylonian and pagan arab near satanic moongods as described in Rushdie's Satanic verses. Before islam Rome, India, Egypt, China, Greece all traded along an Asia road spanning from Europe across Arabia and into the Far East China connecting all peoples on this goods and information highway, this route, the wall mart Apple Sony Samsung AT&T Coca cola and internet of its time before islam shut down all and destroyed everything. The system of islam is compiled as a potpourri of bits and pieces from other faiths and 'culture', such as pagan Arab faith and old India faith, which the self-invented prophet of Islam gathered during his regular raids, theft, rapes and attacks. Pre-Islam, Mecca was known as one of the most important religious places of worship in the Arabian world. It appears to have been a multi-faith place of worship, many peoples, many gods, their friendship is documented in the Quran that claims the people were all friends with each other, and are therefore to be seen as enemies to Muslims. more here There are elements of old Mesopotamia religion and not just Christian or Jewish stolen texts but also customs of Vedic (Hinduism) influence in Pre-Islamic Arabia, monotheistic religion like Zoroastrian. and In addition, many of the 360 idols surrounding the Kaaba remained although most were destroyed. The last idols got destroyed a mere decade ago by King Abdullah, which was mentioned in a newspaper article during the renovation and new constructions in Mecca. The pedophile madman prophet muhammad’s career took place not in Mecca but hundreds of kilometers/miles to the north. Yehuda Nevo, The classical Arabic language was developed not in today’s Saudi Arabia but in the Levant.The war monger child molestor prophet mohammad was born in 570 A.D. He proclaimed Islam in 622 A.D and died in 632 A.D. That is to say out of a span of 62 years, Mohammad himself was a Muslim for the last 10 years. For the earlier 52 years he was a non-Muslim --a pagan . The Kaaba was already in existence when Mohammed and his gang of looters invaded Mecca and slaughtered its inhabitants. also Greek, Egyptian, Roman and other Pagan Arab churches temples stolen and smashed Conversion of non-Islamic places of worship into mosques and also the trend followed in Persian and modern day Iraq Islam is not a religion. It is corrupt, fabricated and created out of theft and loot. The so called prophet of islam is a mass murdering invading pedophile as described in their book the Quran or Koran, moslems unknown to them kiss the dick, vagina, anus, the lingam of old Hindu gods like Shiva and old death Gods as they go to the Kaaba in Mecca. If you ever read the translations of the Quran or Koran you will see Moohammad was a mad man pedophile, he took slaves, destroyed villages, he was a liar a bandit and a thief, he raped animals, tortured people, he had sex with his dead aunt and his favorite wife was a 6 yr old child, named Aisha, like a dog he dry dumped this child for years then at 9 he raped her to consummate the marraige, her body was damaged and it is perhaps she poisoned this mad man finally killing him. The family row after was like something on Jerry Springer and a riot in a Serial Killer prison, a newer mass murdering pedophile wanted to lead the depraved inbred Arab bandit family which is why the Iranian type and Saudi type have never got along ever since.... this is why islam fights to creat a new depraved al-Baghdadi, Ayatollah Khomeini, bin Laden...and moslems terrorist jihadis are unknowingly themselves are manipulated pawns of globalist Empires. Rape, infighting, slavery, mass murder, religious extremism and child molestation and hijacking, invading migration and extremism, this is exactly what islam is founded on, once the West and US/European democracy sees this it will become irradiated, annoyed and bored with mohammedan islamics.

For anyone who cares. National Geographic is now run by a Jewish woman. submitted by friendshipistragic to news

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Cancelled as soon as globalist murdock took over, next thing abused tranny children were put on the cover.

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Whats going on in Ireland with the looting? submitted by Chiefpacman to AskVoat

Tazzermalt 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

1 The problem of 'Orcs'.... Elves have magic powers but unfortunately some Elves tolerate the criminal Orcs... some Orcs are Born in Ireland, Native.....native Leprechauns Pixies and Irish Fairy act like foreign invaders...they are always stealing, looking for Gibs, behave like White Niggers Orcs and White Goblins not not actual nice Irish people you see in Darby o Gill.... while. 2 next the Leprechaun potato famine beer drinking baby making Ruler of Ireland steps down...and Suddenly..... in charge you now have this guy from India the tv type and fairytale stereotype of the trope Depraved Homosexual / Nero character... he seemed nice, happy, harmless... but wants to culturally race mix everything, kill the baby in its womb and have no borders in Europe. ...See also >>> Sissy Villain Trudeau personality ....which is closely connected to this trope and plays the same role on the chess board. ... the only thing this 'Irish' (foreign India) Disney villain is missing is his twirling mustache, a foreign Warlock with connections to Cuban Socialism, a sadistic Satan-worshiping sorcerer... 3 Next come the Foreign Black Negro Orcs and Mahommedans are promised they can come to Europe as 'Refugees' they mix with the White Criminal Leprechaun Orcs... and Voilà! There you have it!? Social Problems and Rioting Orc Negroes ... Let me quote one of these characters from this online book So far in my area •Lidl has been broken into and fleeced •A bulldozer from a building site was stolen and drove around the estates •Centra has had its shutters cut off and broken into •Someone has drove the bulldozer through the front of Lidl

Whats going on in Ireland with the looting? submitted by Chiefpacman to AskVoat

Tazzermalt 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago

the Romantic Celtic Irish thing is gone but yes Ireland has its own problems and its own Native Orcs and Terrorists...but the New Leaders wanted foreign 'Riotfugees' a Canadian Dyke homosexual Jew named Zappone elected in Ireland...Clinton leftism, Trudeau retard-ism and Gay Marraige bingo!... their own Irish Leader is cast out to sea....and half cast gay Indian Leader of IronPotatoeLand island decided it needed boats and ships full of foreign Fresh stinky Orcs, boats of Clinton and Merkel's foreign Orcs from Africa and Arabia. Mass brawl between 100 gang rivals now breaks out in Dublin town The Orc Negroe African gangs are Low IQ and aggressive, don't speak any European language including English to any reasonable level of communication and the Negroid Orcs have their pants down near their ankles... riot of 250 mostly African Irish youths in Dublin on St Stephen’s Day Vigalante Hell's Angels in Dublin attack African gang ringleaders there was also some jihadist with an Irish passport arrested in Egypt and the homosexual pedophile British Jew owned media cried for his release... also in the 80s the North of Ireland goes boom a few times! and as Baroness Thatcher and the British went rightwing in the 80s and 90s the Irish Nationalists and IRA Terrorists became Leftists Open Borders Marxists...the Irish 'Nationalists' became confused English speaker imbeciles who occasionally dress in green like leprechauns on LSD, get drunk on St Patricks day quote people like Jon Stewart and listen or follow the latest boy and girl bands from London or NYC...Sinn Fein which has been called the political wing of the IRA is part of a group of soft open borders Leftwing Eurosceptical parties from France, England, Germany etc a weird mix of Socialists, Greens, Leftists ...the Nationalists in Ireland want a European with open borders and support other Leftwing elites like the wine drinking taco eating Podemos from Spain, Italian Commies, the Green party of pot smokers and animals in Holland Netherlands Partij voor de Dieren... the Irish Nationalists are all part of this Euro Leftwing lunatic EU group...their news media is foreign owned, seems people have a price and the Irish political elite sold out long ago.

Spawn and Blade.. Both Superhero Niggers.. Both were fucking awesome. No one cared they were niggers, because they were original characters. submitted by Islamiscancer to whatever

Tazzermalt 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Marvel characters and its writers were know for its originality and creativity against DC which was stagnating, the only real original stuff about Black Panther is his fictional Wakanda city that he is 'Black' and wrote as political comic hero event during time of US Civil unrest. The city can be seen as Superman's fortress or he could be a combination rip off on any number of characters, Doc Samson Man of Bronze, the Phantom, Daredevil, Batman....throw in some Egypt/Thor/von Däniken psuedo mythology and you got yourself a comicbook. The fact Black Panther can outsell a Justice League just goes to show how powerful the Disney marketing machine is and how bad DC, Warner Bros and other companies are fucking things up.