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/r/Science has made good on their threat to go private submitted by userexec to MeanwhileOnReddit

Sorahzahd 3 points 60 points (+63|-3) ago

/r/science ain't it, though, as can be seen by their recent Monsanto lobbyist AMA (they claimed he was a scientist, to comply with their own rules, but it turns out no, he was a lobbyist).

All the "AMA" questions were pre-prepared, and they made no secret of that fact.

"Mysteriously", no questions were approved asking about the recently declassified FBI documents that show Monsanto manufactured illegal chemical weapons.

Edit: Lobbyist Registration Form for Fred Perlak of the r/science AMA

A mathematician may have uncovered widespread election fraud in Kansas, and now Kansas is trying to silence her. submitted by gbj1301 to news

Sorahzahd 0 points 59 points (+59|-0) ago

We already knew these voting machines are totally unsecured and ripe for manipulation (and apparently built for that express purpose). There have been multiple security researchers that have published these results. The data has existed for years.

Anyone with a knowledge of software development can tell you that it's no "accident" that Diebold's voting machines were built on MS Access and VBA. Both laughably unsecured systems.

It's just that it's easier to claim "conspiruccy thurry" and shut off one's brain, than it is to actually admit that voting machines were built for the express purpose of manipulating elections.

Israel declares rock throwing as "terrorism". Kids to face 20 years in jail for throwing stones. /r/worldnews mods removed the story saying it is a "local crime story". submitted by catchavirus to MeanwhileOnReddit

Sorahzahd 14 points 45 points (+59|-14) ago

Butthurt zionists that are afraid of kids with pebbles while they hide behind their giant wall and white phosphorus bombs downvoted you. Have an upvote.

Zionist pussies can go fuck themselves.

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66% of Americans support mandatory GMO labeling. 27% are neutral. 7% oppose it. (More stats in comments) submitted by rwbj to news

Sorahzahd 37 points -27 points (+10|-37) ago

Monsantard detected. Go back to Reddit, turd.

66% of Americans support mandatory GMO labeling. 27% are neutral. 7% oppose it. (More stats in comments) submitted by rwbj to news

Sorahzahd 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

Go suck JF Queeny's dick elsewhere you fucking gullible retard.