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Avicii died submitted by srayzie to GreatAwakening

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He did a video in 2015 about child trafficking:

Explosive New Revelation: Mueller Witness and Pedophile George Nader SNITCHES on EPSTEIN and NXIVM submitted by ASolo to pizzagate

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The charges in 1985 were dropped due a technicality, not because he was found innocent. was known that Nader faced a....charge in federal court in Washington in 1985 involving allegations of importing from the Netherlands magazines depicting nude boys. A judge dismissed those charges after ruling that the search warrant issued for Nader’s home was invalid.

The 1985 case stemmed from a shipment Nader received of film and various magazines that authorities said depicted “pre and post pubescent boys” engaged in sexual acts. Some of the magazine titles listed in court papers are so blunt as to leave little doubt they involved underage children.

A search warrant also produced evidence that Nader had “corresponded with several young boys and saved their letters,” prosecutors wrote.

And he was convicted in 1991, for possessing child pornography:

Nader received a six-month sentence from a federal court in Northern Virginia in 1991 on a felony charge of transporting sexually explicit materials in foreign commerce, according to the newly released records and to prison records POLITICO obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

U.S. District Court Judge Claude Hilton also imposed a $2,000 fine on Nader, the records show.

The 1991 indictment came after customs inspectors at Dulles International Airport found two sexually explicit videotapes in Nader’s luggage as he arrived on a Lufthansa flight from Germany. A pediatrician consulted by the government said the boys in the videos were about 13 or 14 years old.

The court proceedings that followed were far from typical. While the charges were pending, Nader made at least five trips overseas with court permission: four to Beirut and one to Moscow. Prosecutors also agreed with the defense to put the entire case under seal “due to the extremely sensitive nature of Mr. Nader’s work in the Middle East,” court records show.

Later filings make clear that the trips and delays in the case were due to Nader’s involvement in negotiations to free U.S. hostages being held in Lebanon.

Hilton, the judge, sided with the defense, concluding that a lighter sentence than usual was warranted “because of the defendant’s extraordinary cooperation with the government’s in certain areas.”

Prison records indicate that Nader served his six-month sentence on the 1991 charge in a halfway house in Baltimore and completed it in June 1992. A video aired on C-SPAN in March 1992 shows him hosting a discussion in his capacity as editor of a newsletter called Middle East Insight.

Which translates to: 'If you are working for the government, we don't really mind that you've been a pedophile'.

In addition to his work on the hostage issue, since the 1980s, Nader has been a regular participant in Middle East policy discussions under several U.S. presidents.

George Nader, 58, was involved in several foreign policy meetings during the Trump transition and at the White House last year.

So he was consultant to Bush, Obama - and Trump. And they all must have known that he has been a pedo.

I think that is the real important info here.

Grooming Children for Sexual Abuse, Child Trafficking, and Pizzagate Symbolism - It's All Here in "Show Dogs," the Movie submitted by 13Buddha to pizzagate

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So who is the director of this movie?

It is Raja Gosnell (male American) - he was editor of the movies 'Home alone' and 'Home alone 2', starring Macauly Culkin. (!!!)

Pizzagate researchers suspected that Culkin, like many child actors, was raped on set. If this should have been the case, maybe Grossnell was part of the gang.

Then he directed 'Home alone 3' - with another child actor.

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Was Avicii killed for trying to bring an end to a child trafficking ring? submitted by shadow332 to pizzagate

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trashy but with some good sources and sometimes first to break a story

Ok, I didn't know that, I thought it was just a gossip site. Thanks.

4Chan Thread regarding Yves Saint Laurent's twisted, and rather expensive Pizza-related comic. submitted by LeHappyMerchant to pizzagate

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If you're chan-culture sensitive maybe avoid

I am very 'chan-culture sensitive', but I thought it was a great thread.

Thank you very much for posting this!