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James Alefantis allegedly went on Pol and made a big freudian slip submitted by AmyJames to pizzagate

SoberSecondThought 0 points 46 points (+46|-0) ago

I agree the transition from "my shop" to "his clients" is highly suspicious. But I actually find something else in that post even more suspect.

When he says "He already said he doesn't even like kids," that is very, very interesting to me, because the poster (whoever it is) is referring back to something Alefantis said to a researcher back in January. The researcher put up a YouTube video about the Pegasus Museum that Alefantis clearly found very alarming; he got into a Twitter DM conversation and phone call with Alefantis, and Alefantis very bluntly threatened his life and the lives of his family. This mirror video covers the whole episode fairly well. In it, Alefantis does three things of special interest:

  1. He uses threats of murder in a very casual, practiced way, as if this is far from the first time he has done it.

  2. He shows a really shallow understanding of online culture, referring to things he saw on Voat but asking, "What's mods?"

  3. He specifically says, "Everything they say about me is true. Except I don't like kids."

This visit to /pol/ has all the same characteristics. It sounds to me like the same guy. Alefantis is not a criminal mastermind, he plunges into interacting with researchers without preparing or thinking things through. He leaves a trail of clues a mile wide. As someone observed in the /pol/ thread, "Protection from officials has made you all sloppy, sloppy, sloppy."

I strongly urge anyone investing time in researching Pizzagate, to sit down and spend an hour or two just absorbing the clues that Alefantis provides in that video, linked above.

Jerome Corsi: AG Sessions now has all the Comey files on Clinton email investigation, on Weiner, and 9-11 submitted by Gilderoy to pizzagate

SoberSecondThought 0 points 22 points (+22|-0) ago

There are some major unknowns here, but my theory about Comey is as follows:

  1. He knew that the Democrats rigged the primary against Bernie, using a variety of methods. The most damning evidence that the primary was rigged is statistical, see Election Justice USA for a detailed report that was headed up by a past president of the American Statistical Association. Then check out the work of Bev Harris on the GEMS election-tally software and how it has been rigged since at least 2004.

  2. Comey believed, along with nearly everyone in media and government, that Hillary was well ahead of Trump and would win. I don't need to source that claim, but if you want to read a reasonably good report on how the polling went so wrong, see Nate Silver's blog. Comey also knew that Hillary had the means to rig the election if she got into trouble. This is important. When he made his July announcement, and again when he sent his letter to Congress in October, he was betting that the Democrats would stay in power no matter how badly the public reacted to his statements. Prosecuting Hillary was a practical impossibility, and personal suicide for Comey given what she would do to him once she was in office.

  3. The Democrats did in fact rig the election, but they did it so late (starting about 9 pm Eastern on election day) that it wasn't enough to keep Trump out. See Bev Harris discussing this with Alex Jones the next night. She mentioned specific Democrat-controlled cities that were very late in reporting, presumably because they were "adjusting" the totals using the GEMS software. What is especially suspicious is the way that data from Milwaukee was handled in the Wisconsin recount. Harris specifically mentioned Milwaukee as one of the cities that took forever to report. During the recount, the rest of Wisconsin was more or less done, with minimal changes; yet as the deadline approached, Milwaukee was going slower and slower, and the interim hand-count totals were tens of thousands of votes out of line with the numbers generated by GEMS. (See coverage of the recount.)

  4. This was a result of panic and poor planning. Wisconsin was not a good state to rig because it had physical ballots. To rig it was dangerous; to rig it and then LOSE was disastrous. I don't know what Jill Stein believed or knew when she picked Wisconsin for her recount, but it was like flicking on a light and seeing cockroaches scatter. The only solution was to drag out the Milwaukee hand recount so that it wasn't finished by the deadline; then the secretary of state would be forced to use the original GEMS-adjusted numbers, and certify that the election had not been tampered with. See the work of Richard Charnin for more on all these issues.

  5. Incredibly, absolutely no one in the establishment media had any concerns about the recount being manipulated in this way. Less incredibly, the Trump administration didn't object either. I know for certain that they are aware of GEMS because Roger Stone has written about it. My guess is that it is like the firing of Comey and many other aspects of draining the swamp; they aren't raising hell about it because they're not ready to do so. (There are some internal frictions as well, since many staffers aren't Trump loyalists and would leak anything they said even in a closed meeting.)

  6. Firing Comey is the best evidence we have seen since the inauguration that Trump and Sessions really will go all the way. It will be incredibly traumatic and chaotic to prosecute half of Washington, but in the end I think they will do it. I don't want to try and guess who will actually get convicted or what sentence they will get. Once the arrests begin in earnest, there will be a lot of deal-making. Comey might manage to skate, simply by trading on what he knows. I'm not saying he should skate, simply that in a gigantic case of this kind, prosecutors are going to have to make deals.

Bottom line: This was like the starting gun for the next phase of the battle. Expect a lot of people to start positioning themselves to minimize damage to themselves, rather than protecting the pedocracy. They'll keep up the Russia narrative and the "White House is in chaos" narrative, but only a few really deranged people like Keith Olbermann believe it. From here onward, the timetable will be set by Trump, Sessions, Rosenstein, and whoever the new FBI Director is.

D-nny D-Vito: Corey Haim child sex ring theory submitted by zerzao to pizzagate

SoberSecondThought 0 points 19 points (+19|-0) ago

My theory for about the past year has been that it's Rob Reiner. He made Stand By Me in the summer of 1985 with Corey Feldman.

See this video of Al Franken joking that Rob's father Carl routinely raped Rob as a child. Very strange joke even for a roast.

Reiner has been hysterically opposed to Trump since he became a candidate. When the Russia narrative fell apart, it was Reiner who got Morgan Freeman to say "we are at war with Russia".

Reiner counts as both an actor and a mogul. He is approximately the right age (born 1947). He is a family man, not single or gay, something Feldman stipulated.

I'm not certain it's Reiner, but I find him the most likely among the names put forward to date.

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SoberSecondThought 9 points -7 points (+2|-9) ago

No, Mike Pence is not involved in Pedogate. This video is a rehash of the bogus "Tory Smith" story. @Vindicator please flag this again.

As I said in the last thread on this subject, I went through the evidence on this in a 12-part series. You can see them in order on my submission history. Some of the parts were widely read, with thousands of views, but unfortunately the part specifically explaining Tory Smith and Mike Pence only got a few hundred views. I'll summarize that part here:

A whistleblower approached Paul Ryan in June 2013, offering information about pedophile rings operating in Washington. Ryan got the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, to agree to have the whistleblower testify live before Congress. Ryan also got Mike Pence to agree to supply protection for the whistleblower during the 10 days or so that it would take to arrange this. Ryan then passed this information to Glenn Beck, who talked about it in this well-known video clip.

(In my initial analysis I deliberately left out Boehner and said Ryan was Speaker. Later I explained why I did that.)

The plan fell apart, most likely because of Boehner selling them out or otherwise folding under pressure. The whistleblower was probably killed, and the other participants were silenced by threats. I discuss Beck's weird subsequent behavior here. A cover-up was organized by David Brock, approved by John Podesta, and funded by Herb Sandler through an illegal slush fund that was part of Media Matters for America. I discuss Brock's role here, and the emails showing the funding trail here.

The cover-up focused on discrediting and smearing Paul Ryan and Mike Pence. "Tory Smith" was a character created specifically as a means to attack Pence. As I explain here, "Tory Smith" accused almost everyone in the U.S. government, and many foreigners, of raping and murdering children. However, he continually came back to Mike Pence, his wife, his Attorney General, and senior Indiana State Troopers (that is, the people who would have protected the whistleblower). He accused them of not only raping and murdering hundreds of children, but of raping him. "Tory Smith" could get away with this because he posed as someone having spiritual contact with a huge variety of "Blue Avians" and "Galactics". To fellow believers he was a kind of prophet, who somehow survived being infected with anthrax hundreds of times, and raped dozens of times. To everyone else he was a mentally ill man who maybe suffered from PTSD. But he was actually working for David Brock, and still is. He posts on Voat using a variety of sockpuppet accounts.

The other smear campaign was directed at Paul Ryan by Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt, as I explain here and here.

I used the clues from the cover-up operation to expose this guy, who also posted as @HighLevelInsider, and whom I call HLI for short. The explanation of my project actually starts here, and the most widely read bit, which involves James Alefantis, is here.

If you go through the comments as well, it's a lot of reading, about as much as a medium-sized novel at this point. But the bottom line is so simple and clear that I continue to hope people will see it. There's one guy who's responsible for the majority of the "insider" crap that has been spread around since Pizzagate began. He's responsible for Senate Anon, HighLevelInsider, Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt, Tory Smith, ShareBlue Anon, and Q Anon (see my argument for Q Anon here). He reports directly to David Brock, and talks regularly with James Alefantis.

Q PROOFs - We have to prepare for the flood of new people! Sizable proof bites! submitted by PizzaStreamerLive to pizzagate

SoberSecondThought 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

Hey, @Crensch. (And hey again, @Vindicator.)

Here's a really mind-blowing alternative viewpoint for you. @ESOTERICshade and @think- are actually the same guy. I explained six months ago that @ESOTERICshade was just another of the many alts created by "Tory Smith"/HighLevelInsider/Senate Anon to spread disinfo. As I explained in my series of posts last fall, it started as a cover-up of the 2013 Glenn Beck whistleblower episode. When I exposed the cover-up, "Tory Smith" launched the Q psyop the very next day.

More recently, I outed @think- as another of his alts.

In my Q assessment six months ago, I challenged him/it by asking, "How will you dismount this tiger you are riding?" This, such as it is, is the plan he came up with. Writing as ESOTERICshade, he rants furiously that Q is an obvious psyop and that the people taken in by it are idiots. Writing as think-, he soothes everyone with an open-minded calm. But it's all a meaningless puppet show, much like all his previous puppet shows.

Now, to be clear: This elaborate drama is not meant to save the Bush-Clinton crime syndicate. There are 35,000 sealed indictments, Sessions is hiring hundreds of additional prosecutors. That ship has sailed. This ridiculous six-month LARP was not even meant to save "Tory Smith" and his helper Alexandra Meadors of the CIA front Galactic Connections from being prosecuted. (After all, while "Tory Smith" is a fake name, Alexandra Meadors used her real name in promoting him. So arrogant! But clearly that ship has sailed as well.)

In my judgment, the disinfo campaign fell victim to serious diminishing returns the moment that (a) I outed "Tory Smith" and Alexandra Meadors, and (b) the sealed indictments started piling up. If it won't stop Sessions and the DOJ, and it won't save anyone from prison, why keep doing it? I think the point is simply this: "Smith" & Meadors need to spread sufficient confusion, and keep the uproar going for long enough, that when the arrests start, they aren't among the first. They're relatively small fish, who carried out a poorly conceived disinfo plan like they were ordered to. They (and David Brock) desperately want to avoid being blamed for the syndicate going down. Because while they will presumably at some point go to prison for being part of a child sex trafficking ring (or flee, or plea bargain) the syndicate would kill them in a big hurry if their blunders brought added public attention.

I realize it's kind of arrogant of me to take credit for triggering the whole Q phenomenon, but if you reread my series and look at the dates, you'll see that I thoroughly exposed HighLevelInsider/Senate Anon/"Tory Smith", and you'll see that he disappeared the same day that Q appeared. Where did he go? What has he been spending his time on? And again, to be clear: The reason that I have been so quiet over the intervening months is that I don't think bringing these two degenerates down is the most important task now. Sure, it would feed my ego to go on 4chan and 8chan and reddit, and tear his stupid charade apart -- and you know I could have done it, you sorry weasel -- but frankly, launching the Q psyop was like a white flag. It was them admitting that the jig was up, that the only goal left was not getting suicided by the Clintons.

As I've said before, no worries if you're not persuaded. It's my job to get these ideas on the record, not to persuade everyone.

Suspicious accounts with regards to Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi, George Webb & Jem777/Mej777 submitted by argosciv to pizzagatemods

SoberSecondThought 6 points -5 points (+1|-6) ago

We Need An Investigation Here

@argosciv @Vindicator

Camulos, over in v/ProtectVoat, you posted this long list on the 2nd of August. At the very top of the list, you had an extra-long entry regarding this person: Jem777/Mej777, which read: and < Appears to be real accounts, but there's always one of the other bots welcoming him back whenever he posts in a thread. And many of them seem to ping him whenever a certain buzzword is said ( not sure about that list ).

Now, first of all, you've misgendered Jem, which is a common mistake around here. It is a bit sloppy if you're going to accuse that person of leading an army of trolls and sockpuppets, but whatever.

Second, it's easy to check the account histories and see that the last activity by Jem777 was in November 2017, while the last activity by Mej777 was on 16 December 2017. So what are you referring to when you claim that "there's always one of the other bots welcoming him back whenever he posts in a thread". When was anyone welcoming either of these accounts back? Back from where?

My third point is going to be uncomfortable for everyone, but there's no getting around it. Go and do a search on Google for "Voat Jem777" and restrict the date range to Dec 16 through August 3rd (that is, from the last time she posted on Voat to just after you called her out.). You'll find absolutely nothing (except for some spurious links to the True Pundit report of her death 11 days later).

There has only been one time that anyone has mentioned Jem777 on Voat since she left. That was when you denounced her two weeks ago as leading an army of trolls and sockpuppets. And then she died.

My Theory At This Point

I suppose some people might argue that we don't know for sure that she died, or even that Jem777 was Jenny Moore. But if you look at the screenshots provided by srayzie, you'll see that she corresponded privately with Jem777 and that Jem not only confirmed that she was working with George Webb under the working name "TaskForce," but even shared pictures from the time she went with Webb to Comet Pizza to taunt and intimidate Jimmy Comet.

So I'm strongly inclined to believe that Jem777 was Jenny Moore / TaskForce. And while the police investigation into her death has only just begun, and it may yet prove to have been from natural causes, I find two things very, very strange and disturbing indeed.

The first strange thing is that on the 2nd of August, Camulos attacked her as an enemy of Voat, with absolutely no supporting evidence, indeed totally out of the blue given that there had been no activity by her in eight months. And then she was found dead August 14th.

The second strange thing is that she went back to Comet Pizza on July 6th (see this video she made), which is the same day that True Pundit says that she filed documents with Homeland Security alleging that Bill Clinton molested a young boy.

Could it be that the young boy was provided by the child trafficking organization run by James Alefantis? Could this have been sufficient provocation for the Clinton criminal organization to decide to kill her? Obviously that's speculation on my part. But what is not speculation is that absolutely nobody was talking about this woman on Voat, until Camulos decided to attack her reputation two weeks ago.

So let's say for argument's sake that my long-standing theory is true, namely that David Brock pays a guy to come here every day and spread disinfo using a huge variety of sockpuppets. And let's suppose that the decision was made by the Clinton gang to kill Jenny Moore. Word was sent down to this guy, not necessarily that she was going to be killed, but that her reputation needed to be attacked because she was going to come out with some damaging claims. So he pulled out one of his sockpuppets, Camulos, and did as he was told. Only because he was in a hurry, and because he's a lazy stoner, and especially because he quite likely didn't know what a big deal Jenny Moore was soon going to become, he didn't bother to back up his claims with any actual evidence. In keeping with his usual practice as Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt or HighLevelInsider, he just made vague accusations.

Would you care to comment on all this, @Camulos? I think you should.