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Up vote everyone who posts so they can participate and we can get rolling again. WWG1WGA submitted by BelBlade to theawakening

Snap_Shot_in_Time 0 points 119 points (+119|-0) ago

As Q says: "They will fail."

Good bye Reddit submitted by Elfchiro to theawakening

Snap_Shot_in_Time 0 points 37 points (+37|-0) ago

No.... Actually, the Q post said it was at 297K subscribers. They were lying to us about how many patriots were reading and posting at r/GreatAwakening.

PS. This is my first post here. I could use some sympathy up votes! :)

UPDATE: Thanks for the up votes. I should have enough now. But apparently a person has to wait a few days also. aaaarrrrrghhhh!!!! (But Thanks again. I should be all set now.)

Welcome, refugees! Some important mod notes to bear in mind. submitted by DropGun to theawakening

Snap_Shot_in_Time 0 points 26 points (+26|-0) ago

Yes! That is correct. The v/GreatAwakening name was already taken so we had to go with an alternative. But the exact same mod team is here. And this time we (the community) do not have to live under Reddit's rules. This brute force move of theirs is going to backfire badly for them.

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Single File Line People! submitted by PuttItOut to whatever

Snap_Shot_in_Time 13 points -10 points (+3|-13) ago

Yes... Except that 70K isn't real. Q posted and said the number was really 297K. Think about it... r/GreatAwakening was 4x bigger than they admitted. And it was still growing fast.

The Biologist, the Physicist and the Mathematician submitted by SerialBrain2 to Jokes

Snap_Shot_in_Time 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

That is a good joke! Except... We don't know how many people might normally be in the hotel. For example, the hotel clerk, the cleaning staff and maybe other customers.

VOAT already has a Q forum, thegreatawakening. This sub is nothing more than an attempt at power consolidation born of pride. submitted by Politiskep to theawakening

Snap_Shot_in_Time 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Yes. They are being dealt with. But it takes time to ban the bad actors and remove divisive comments. Please be patient. It is only 24 hours since we had to relocate from Reddit r/GreatAwakening. It will take a while to get back on smooth roadway.