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5 highest rated submissions: was busted as propaganda site for DNC and Soros, submitted: 2/12/2018 3:33:19 AM, 218 points (+236|-18)

James Woods has become the voice of righteous america?, submitted: 2/2/2018 11:43:44 PM, 94 points (+95|-1)

The kike elites are afraid of the middle class, submitted: 2/11/2018 2:40:31 AM, 87 points (+97|-10)

Polish prime minister says Jews perpetrated Holocaust too, submitted: 2/17/2018 8:44:16 PM, 87 points (+93|-6)

Father poses as his daughter online and beats up pedophile, submitted: 2/17/2018 11:26:52 PM, 79 points (+81|-2)

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Only incel nerds play on computers, submitted: 1/18/2018 4:00:27 PM, -15 points (+8|-23)

N64 and Dreamcast controllers were designed by idiots, submitted: 1/21/2018 2:14:39 PM, -11 points (+4|-15)

Thank you for serving..., submitted: 1/27/2018 6:42:54 PM, -11 points (+3|-14)

Switch off the downvoting button because it's a logic fallacy, submitted: 1/28/2018 9:35:26 PM, -8 points (+4|-12)

I was able to find a real normal woman on internet, submitted: 1/26/2018 8:21:18 PM, -5 points (+4|-9)

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Swedish Politician Who Fought for Equality and Open Borders Is Beheaded in Congo submitted by sand_mann to news

Smartech 2 points 34 points (+36|-2) ago

This made my day. One more demented asshole to go, please.

Mother Jones, WashPost, NYT, CNN and Yahoo all exposed as deep state propaganda puppets in shocking FISA memo submitted by Ex-Redditor to news

Smartech 1 points 22 points (+23|-1) ago

"... all exposed as jewish deep state propaganda". /fixed

Just another coincidence submitted by worldofmadness to whatever

Smartech 0 points 17 points (+17|-0) ago

Well, this makes really think about all the (((documentaries))) about kikes in concentration camps.

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Would you ever date someone who did porn in the past? submitted by SOULESS to AskVoat

Smartech 9 points -9 points (+0|-9) ago

Fuck off demented kike shill

Me when asked about gun control for the thousandth time... submitted by shadow332 to politics

Smartech 11 points -8 points (+3|-11) ago

Only the original meme is funny. This is another crap made by another moron.

PS3 vs PS4 vs PC submitted by MasterShitposter to gaming

Smartech 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

Consoles don't crash, grasshopper.