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FBIAnon suggested areas of Pizzagate research. Very long, multiple posts., submitted: 11/23/2016 10:02:24 PM, 451 points (+451|-0)

Link to FBIAnon doc with all Q&A, submitted: 11/23/2016 5:57:26 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

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Link to FBIAnon doc with all Q&A, submitted: 11/23/2016 5:57:26 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

FBIAnon suggested areas of Pizzagate research. Very long, multiple posts., submitted: 11/23/2016 10:02:24 PM, 451 points (+451|-0)

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FBIAnon suggested areas of Pizzagate research. Very long, multiple posts. submitted by Sir_Chancealot to pizzagate

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Question: “I spent numerous hours searching into Qatar but other than bribery for the bid to host the 2022 World Cup, it seemed like a dead end.”

FBIAnon: “The roads are not always direct. There are people involved which hold incredible influence over US politics. Here is a hint: find everyone involved in the State Department who has recently made a donation or speech in relation to the CF. Public figures are not to meet with foreign officials in secret – so who did?”

(Ok, here FBIAnon is saying look into the State Department, and find out who made donations or speeches for/to the Clinton Foundation. Also, to find out which public figures met with foreign officials in secret. Remember, these people are ALL related to pizzagate, and the rape, mutilation, and killing of kids. Don't get discouraged. If FBIAnon is leaking this, that means there is a way to find this as public info or with a little white-hat hacking.)

Salient FBIAnon quote: “ The media will attempt to bury any mention of the CF.” (CF=Clinton Foundation)

Salient FBIAnon quote: “She intends to do what the Clintons have always done – sell out weapons, favors, intelligence, and people to anyone willing to pay.” (So, pizzagate, and the related information may not just be about kids, but may also include weapons, pay-for-play, and intelligence. Notice that FBIAnon didn't talk about selling just kids, but “people”.)

Question: “The Bonner Group, warm or cold?”

FBIAnon: “Hot.” (Has anyone started investigating The Bonner Group? If not, someone should.)

Question: “Any ideas on where to keep going with China? How significant is Henry M. Paulson?”

FBIAnon: “What was Paulson’s past corporate affiliation? Where did he get the idea of TARP from? What major bank went under as a result of his actions?” (Always remember, the elite are ALL child rapists. That is how they cement deals and know they can trust each other, because of the threat of the blackmail.)

Question: “Is USAID in any way complicit and aiding in the human trafficking?”

FBIAnon: “!!!” (Direct quote from FBIAnon. Look into USAID, and how it connects into the Clinton Foundation.)

Question: “How significant is Africa? I’ve been a bad researcher, and lazied out on tracking African organizations (I was sick though) and relating it to migrant stuff. I’m thoroughly convinced that most of her aide funs don’t really do much aside from keep the entire place down via limited work, though.”

FBIAnon: “Africa is a hotbed for investment by the Chinese and other organizations. The question is, how is HRC benefitting from the investment deals? Why would we want to engage in war over the African plains?” (FBIAnon later says war for food and minerals, but I would say that it makes it easier to pick up orphans for their sick and twisted uses. Easier to grab kids from areas that don't have good birth records, right? Just like Haiti.)

Question: “Was Ludner Remarais involved in quid-pro-quo with regards to the Haitian gold mining rights? Where the hell would you even find evidence for that since Haiti’s financial records are very spotty, especially around the earthquake? Also, how is M Partners Inc. connected to the larger picture? They bought Majescor shares for 1/10 of open stock market value, which screams shady. They’re obviously a shell company, but information is sparse.”

FBIAnon: “1) I do not know. 2) Why are they spotty? Who does the accounting? 3) It screams shady because it is shady. Who is affiliated with the BoD for M Partners, and do they have ties to the CF?”

(Remember, there are other forms of currency than just money. Gold for instance. Or little kids. If you sold a bunch of kids, how easy would it be to launder money through a gold mine? Who is going to check that you “found” 100 ounces of gold that one day?)

Question: “I found it rather odd the people who write the reports on issues like human trafficking in Haiti are also the group that award mass aid grants to Clinton Foundation members like Muhammad Yunus.”

FBIAnon: “Be careful.” (Who is this Muhammad Yunus character? Why does FBIAnon say, without actually saying it, that linking this guy into the whole thing can get Anon killed? Someone who knows how to cover their tracks VERY well should look into this guy. And be quiet about it, until you have a lot of info to post.)

Question: “Funny how Scalia and Thomas were the only ones to dissent on the ruling against human trafficking. Maybe he really was murdered for being too based.”

FBIAnon: “Scalia was murdered for something much more sinister.” (I have to honestly admit, I'm having trouble coming up with something that is “much more sinister” that raping, dismembering, then killing children. Anyone know what this could be?)

Question: “...Are FOIA’s (Freedom Of Information Act. It is used to get documents that are not classified from the government.) be something we should look in to?”

FBIAnon: “Monsanto, GMO's, HRC” (I have no idea how Monsanto and GMO's would be related to child rapers, but if FBIAnon put it in there, I have to conclude that, if he is telling the truth, there is a link to be found.)

(I have no idea how this next part is connected, only that my gut instinct tells me it is.)

Question: “Mark Lamont Hill. I remember getting a distinctly strange feeling seeing him on late night Fox News. I could tell he was very intelligent, but he seemed to be purposefully arguing talking points that he didn’t believe. On national television. Regularly. Can you give us anything more?”

FBIAnon: “What’s his background? Who is he affiliated with? Why does he hold his views?”

Question: “What about the Barack Obama Foundation? (or the one his brother runs, The Barack Hussein Obama Foundation?) Also, have you heard about the book, a manuscript of an unpublished ghostwritten book by BOH, reportedly purchased by “wesearchr” via crowdfunding from Obama’s estranged brother Malik? What’s the deal with that?”

FBIAnon: “Definitely dive into it.” (Didn't somebody just post something either here or on 4/8chan about O'bummer's brother being linked to pedophiles?)

Question: “I had a revelation. Is the international economy is predicated on child trafficking? The rabbit hole is so deep, I wonder it’s not a hole at all.”

FBIAnon: “Predicated, no. Is it an integral component of elite circles? Yes.” (Think about what this answer means: Any time you start pulling on strings left out by FBIAnon, no matter how unrelated they seem, he implies that it will soon unravel to reveal child trafficking.)

Question: “What resource-gathering penny stocks should we look at for connections to the Foundation? Also, can we assume that any resource penny stock that is HQ’d in Canada is connected to Frank Giustra?”

FBIAnon: “A useful hint is to look at the projects the CF has supposedly funded. Who got contracts after a donation, then what industry are they in? Were they in a failing industry? Were they too small to compete with larger companies?” (FBIAnon is saying to check into small companies whose shareholders/owners/board of directors donated to the CF, and is in a failing industry, who couldn't compete with larger companies, and you will find links to child traffickers. At least that's what I THINK he is saying. FBIAnon could be referencing pay-to-play, arms smuggling, or intel buying/selling)

Question: “Does the Clinton Foundation fund ISIS and then get paid by selling the oil that ISIS captures? …and the women as well, too?”

FBIAnon: “Here’s where the dark side of the CF is.” (And here is where we get our first real indication that it's not just children, but women as well.)

Question: “...What should we follow specifically?”

FBIAnon: “Why do HRC and the CF have ties to certain Indian businessmen, who, in many instances, have been routinely accused of pedophilia?”

Salient FBIAnon quote: “... If the truth came out, you all may believe. But who else would? It is too dark for anyone to stomach.”

Salient FBIAnon quote: “The bottom line is, you cannot keep shouting in an echo chamber. Your words/images are weapons. Use them as the media does. You see evidence all the time of people pushing narratives. They are no more or less capable than you.” (4/8chan should make memes about all these people, companies, and governments being involved in child rape, dismemberment, and murder, and post them everywhere.)

FBIAnon suggested areas of Pizzagate research. Very long, multiple posts. submitted by Sir_Chancealot to pizzagate

Sir_Chancealot 0 points 90 points (+90|-0) ago


Question: “Does the human trafficking have to do with keeping people in line? Is that aspect of the CF the place where people get vetted/get their membership in “Hydra”? Is the child trafficking for blackmail/dead-man’s switch/enforcement files as well as recreation?”

FBIAnon: “1) Yes. 2) Yes. 3) Yes.” (Even if you think something has to do with weapons, intelligence, or pay-for-play, it is absolutely going to lead to child rape/trafficking.)

Question: “...Wonderful, I went on a frenzy about that in the first editions of /cfg/. Follow up set of questions: What connection does Cheryl Mills and the BlackIvy group have to the Foundation? More sex slaves, or the possibility of blood diamonds, slave labor, and jungle work? Mills was allowed to keep her clearance after she left the State Department. Seems suspicious she is on the board of the CF and running a “development” group.”

FBIAnon: “(Cheryl) Mills is almost as important as Abedin. Where did Mills work before joining the CF?”

Question: “What do the Clintons want from Kosovo? Why is it so important to them?”

FBIAnon: “What does Kosovo represent on the geopolitical chessboard?” (Again, nothing concrete, but something is telling me this is specific to the child trafficking. Maybe check the laws on import/exports from that area?)

Question: “Any other exorbitantly rich families we should be looking into other than the obvious Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Saudi senpai etc?”

FBIAnon: “Gates, Buffett, Soros, African kings, the Royal family.” (Let's play connect the dots. CF is interested in plains of Africa. Gates' foundation is “vaccinating” children in Africa. Coincidence?)

Cryptic FBIAnon quote: “... Elisa Lam had proof of something, but no one got a chance to listen to her.” (Did Elisa Lam stumble onto something she shouldn't have? At a cursory look, nothing stands out, but maybe a centipede can flesh it out.)

Question: “Any connection to Gates Foundation, CF, Big Pharma, weaponized cancer, tainted polio/malaria vaccines, Africa, Dr. Mary Sherman, fucking Oswald…? Is Kissinger involved with the CF kiddie trafficking? Harking back to the Blue Grotto days. These threads really fuck with my head. Collusion theory overload.”

FBIAnon: “Zika, Abbott Labs, Gilead.”

Question: “What is the owner of Tapad, Are Helge Traasdahl’s relationship to all this? His name popped up a bit in the DNC leaks.”

FBIAnon: “Yes.” (Although FBIAnon answers in the affirmative when someone asks about Helge Trasshadl being involved in election rigging, so this might not have much to do with pizzagate.)

Question: “How many people has the CF had killed in this election?”

FBIAnon: “At least 14.” (Another time, he says 14 or 16 confirmed, 20 suspected.)

Question: “The Cohen Group: hot or cold? ...”

FBIAnon: “1) Hot. ...”

Question: “...The Brookings Institute. How evil is this organization? Is 2014 CHARGE project (combined Brookings and Clinton Global Initiative) used to launder money? ...”

FBIAnon: “2) CHARGE was used for weapons and people.”

Salient quote by FBIAnon: “...Everyone thought they couldn’t make a difference, now the MSM is openly trying to frame this board and others as right wing extremists to discredit us. That should send a clear message as to how threatening this board actually is.”

Question: “...Could you name some companies/people/events we haven’t looked into already but are worth digging?”

FBIAnon: “...2) What was the organization that put together that ad for HRC with all the celebrities? What major figure who endorsed HRC has business interest tied to the Clinton Foundation? What constitutes Mark Cuban’s net worth?”

Question: “Was Hillary involved in Scalia’s death at least? Does the Clinton kill list theory have merit?”

FBIAnon: “...The Clinton Kill List is very, very legit. ...” (Be safe guys, and cover your tracks when you are investigating these things. Use proxy/tor/etc., and look up how to do so safely and effectively. Also, sometimes, people forget to change your MAC address.)

Question: “...but this Lester Holt guy may actually be fair.”

FBIAnon: “Holt is a pretty stand-up journalist. He knows what his role is.”

Salient FBIAnon quote: “The CF always operates in countries where birth records are difficult to maintain. Let that sink in for a moment.” (Someone could research all the countries the CF operates in, find out how spotty birth records are, and meme that shit.)

Question: Is the shit posted on this site legit?

FBIAnon: “It is asking the right questions, and yes, many of HRC’s PAC’s and even her campaign solicit foreign money and shadow money.”

Salient FBIAnon quote: “...And, as an aside, when you are reading Podesta’s e-mails, remember that the Clintons deal in weapons, drugs, and people. Some terminology in use is far more nefarious than many of you suspect.”

Question: “Can you give any more insight into Scalia’s death?”

FBIAnon: “The common assumption is Scalia was murdered to help bring about gun control via another justice. But then any justice could have been sacked. What was Scalia doing before he died? What topic was he interested in?”

Question: “Did the GOP leaders pull a coup attempt so they have legitimacy to block him during his first term?”

FBIAnon: “They attempted a coup because they are bought by the same interests as the Dems. ...” (This means that the Republicans involved in the coup attempt are into the same things as the Clintons)

Question: “Was the Moloch shit ever worth looking into? I remember the Masonic anon talking about the Owl of Minerva, etc. and the connections to the NOW.”

FBIAnon: “The Owl of Minerva is an important gesture in upper circles.” (The word “gesture” implies that it is either a literal gesture, or a symbolic gesture. If it is a literal gesture, for example a certain color worn, or a certain hand movement, then you could identify involved elites from this gesture. If it is a symbolic gesture, then you will see it in written communications, and hear it in conversations. Someone needs to contact someone like Texe Marrs or and get their take on it.)

Question: “How is foreign/dirty money funneling into Clinton’s PACs? Are they using their 501(c)4’s?”

FBIAnon: “Yes, but sometimes there are 527’s and 4947(a)1’s.” (The 4947(a)1's seem to be related to trust funds, but I am not a CPA. Someone from that kind of background should look into those as they relate to the CF.)

Question: “(Code words to search for in the e-mail leaks. Two answers were combined.)”

FBIAnon: “Cards, favors, extras, officers”

FBIAnon suggested areas of Pizzagate research. Very long, multiple posts. submitted by Sir_Chancealot to pizzagate

Sir_Chancealot 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago

The transcript was put together by someone else. I went through it today, and put together this info. It may very well be LARPers, but realize some of this info came out in July, August, and September, before anyone knew any of this info.

Again, I can't say that this is real, only that FBIAnon seems to be telling the truth, at least in the information content, if not who he really is.

I just wanted to get it out there for people, in case it is actually real. It's up to the investigators to determine if it is real.

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Link to FBIAnon doc with all Q&A submitted by Sir_Chancealot to pizzagate

Sir_Chancealot 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I hope I did this right. The first two are the first two pages from the FBIAnon doc. The other is the first two pages of the Red Team Planner doc.

FBIAnon suggested areas of Pizzagate research. Very long, multiple posts. submitted by Sir_Chancealot to pizzagate

Sir_Chancealot 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Ah, the old "Concern Troll". Look that one up in the link posted above about "Forum Sliding".

Let's check the ole CoIntelPro check list: Cast the original poster as an outsider? Check. Indroduce "logical fallacies" where the average person wouldn't know that it doesn't actually fit? Check. Make it seem like the original poster is so outlandish, that it doesn't even merit a response, or any more looking into the matter? Check.

For the lurkers: Don't you think it odd how quickly he replied to my post? I took all day off yesterday, and was only on today because I was heating up Thanksgiving leftovers. Yet, within 30 minutes, here he was responding.

As an aside, I am going to let slip my "sarcastic asshole" side.

(TheBeautifulOne) "Oh, No, I WAS going to help investigate and spread knowledge of child rape and mutilation, but someone was mean to me on the internet! I mean, sure, 4 or 5 people said they saw the videos posted at that one pizza place, and they alleged it included child rape WHILE cutting off the little victim's arms and/or legs, but nope, Sir_Chancealot was a great big meanie, so no help from me!"

P.S., his response is also an attempt to drag others into a controversial position. As someone once said "Don't touch the poop". My response is only for the lurkers.

FBIAnon suggested areas of Pizzagate research. Very long, multiple posts. submitted by Sir_Chancealot to pizzagate

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Lurkers, look hard! I posted 3 entire posts with solid leads from FBIAnon.

Yet, here is this guy taking exception to a single sentence.

I leave it to the readers as an exercise to find out why. (Hint: look up the post containing the definition of "forum sliding")