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A public call for funding submitted by Atko to announcements

Sephel 0 points 38 points (+38|-0) ago

Yes yes yes yes yes. This. I had committed to a donation until I realized I needed all my personal info.

Huma Abedin's family's business shares the same address as a terrorist-owned organization and...a pizza place submitted by thirdeardeaf to pizzagate

Sephel 0 points 30 points (+30|-0) ago

My wife and her side of the family are the only ones who don't think I'm in over my head in conspiracy theories. The rest of my family and friends refuse to investigate it at all. Pushing as much as I can on Facebook though, I'm done giving a shit if people think I'm crazy. For the sake of truth and justice, I'm willing to lose the trust of as many friends and family as is necessary. Not sure why I decided to post this, maybe just feeling alone in all this with no real-life friends on my side.

edit: Thanks for the support, you guys are awesome. My only true friends as far as I'm concerned.

deleted by user submitted by Pizzagate_detective to pizzagate

Sephel 1 points 28 points (+29|-1) ago


Seriously, this shit needs to go away. I'd hate to see voat devolve into buzzfeed.

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Another Pizza Gate Actor Caught submitted by DrJamesA to pizzagate

Sephel 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

What a messy, shitty source

Washington Times reporting that gov't officials viewing cp was at epidrmic levels back in 2012 submitted by redtape20 to pizzagate

Sephel 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

None left. They've all committed suicide or boarded a faulty aircraft.

Tavastock Motherlode - Check this article quick before they delete it. IT CONTAINS EVERYTHING submitted by GeorgeHodelDidit to pizzagate

Sephel 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

"New i-THRIVE case study! Dr Andy Wiener from @TaviAndPort describes their approach to 'Risk Support'."

Here is the link they provide in that Tweet:

Of course they work closely with children. Just some curious observations.