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Leftists Enraged by 'Ridiculously Racist' Australian Proposal to Help South Africa's White Farmers submitted by sand_mann to news

SebuttYopick 0 points 50 points (+50|-0) ago

But the tv said Hobbits, Elves and Whites were the bad guy? # NotAllOrcs

Why Have Jews Been Kicked Out Of Over 100 Countries Throughout History? submitted by RedditisPropaganda31 to AskVoat

SebuttYopick 3 points 47 points (+50|-3) ago

i did not believe this first, i thought it was alt right propaganda but for hundreds, thousands of years they have been kicked out of countries. Their history is interesting but it is also stupid endless cycle like Ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail. Even as recently as 2014 they were thrown out of a country called Guatemala for being involved in smut, trafficking slave trade and drugs running. Even in some far away Latino South American jungles, they know that (((they))) those religion types bite the foreskin off babies, general Hollyweird degeneracy porn movie making, subversion religiously lunacy and general child abuse. The fundamentalist Jews are perhaps a less obvious, less extreme version of the invader mohammed worshiping Arab but they are still extremists. They are involved not just in religion or banks but often involved in Weird shit. The Jews for times in history were valued, most citizens of states were stupid and kings need guys to write down script for what some Emperor said or stack a King's coin counting them coins. The modern age of education and free info and education on the internet has changed all this elite religious educated types. Most citizens of nations are educated and these israeli religion type are no longer as valued which is why they, these globalist type now heavily invest in media propaganda telling the USA or Europe to support the next war for israel. The Judean israelite their overseas diaspora were once heavily prized and valued because as a people they could write down texts, the Jew types educated themselves while the rest of the world had little education, serfdom and peasantry...Jewish were good number crunchers and could count coin. However through the entire of history they were also know for being politically troublesome, there is also something perverted, extreme and almost parasitic in Jewish culture, leeching off cultures. Ultra-Orthodox Jews have been thrown out of many many kingdoms, states and cast out of many nations in history.

Two years in, Google's AI is unable to differentiate between photos of gorillas and photos of niggers. submitted by KikeFree to technology

SebuttYopick 1 points 44 points (+45|-1) ago

Microsoft created and then killed 'Tay', an AI teen bot who loved Hitler...then we had 'Zo' a second chatbot who started posting cartoon frogs and said islam was a religion of rape and death....they also killed Zo

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RIGGED: Stormy Daniels Lawyer Was on Payroll of Joe Biden, Rahm Emanuel; Previously Sued Trump & The Apprentice Reality Show submitted by Machz to news

SebuttYopick 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

pizzagate level conspiracy shit

/v/bannedbyvoat...Brittany Pettibones Detention Proves Great Britain Is Now Arresting People For Thought Crime...a news site banned on social media, also banned by voat submitted by SebuttYopick to Worldnews

SebuttYopick 7 points -6 points (+1|-7) ago

Which fag are you again? Canadian? you are the one who allows Haredeenee to heavily censor and ban people on voat for anti Leftism or anti islamist opinions...and btw you said it first, and you said it correct, you ARE a redditfag!!

This site in a nutshell. I love it submitted by I_Ask_Questions to funny

SebuttYopick 9 points -6 points (+3|-9) ago

Alt Lite here are mostly reddit faggots, they are Toxic and Cancer just as the Leftists and SJWs are toxic and cancer. They are reddit nigger fags and or are Jews/Arabs disguised as white nationalists... one homosexual RamblinRambo used to post on reddit for years until they finally banned his faggoty ass. He helps start infighting among other Altright, identity Right, community he ran two crap community subs on coat called shitvoatdoes, a kind of SBBH sub and he ran 'Uncensored News' which is ironic because there is no censored news on voat there is ONLY news and faggoty censored communities like RamblinRambo . When a guy like @RamblinRambo can not get his way he gets his mob to hijack and spam up subs with African Black faggots almost gang raping and abusing blonde women, he posts this degenerate globalist jew weirdo porn everywhere. They the Alt Right here are so fucking stupid they often ban themselves from their own community and then start pinging Atko and Putt to come help them take back their own sub which they banned themselves from. They are gayass faggoty idiotic Alt Lite drama queens. QUOTE

I refuse to believe that any of the mods who engaged in or assisted with spamming degenerate nigger porn into v/Identitarian are real NatSocs. I just don't trust those guys now.

Edit: @ RamblinRambo just banned me from v/ European for pointing this out on one of his other posts. He's a confirmed niggerkikefaggot in my book.

Edit 2: Aaand banned from v/ farright. Thank you @ Tits_out_forTheBoys. Its pretty funny I get banned by you faster for my dislike of nigger porn, BEFORE I get banned from ... for either my username or my overt racism. As far as I'm concerned, you are just another niggerkikefaggot. Enjoy your degenerate nigger porn.