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Two years in, Google's AI is unable to differentiate between photos of gorillas and photos of niggers. submitted by KikeFree to technology

SebuttYopick 1 points 43 points (+44|-1) ago

Microsoft created and then killed 'Tay', an AI teen bot who loved Hitler...then we had 'Zo' a second chatbot who started posting cartoon frogs and said islam was a religion of rape and death....they also killed Zo

Trump: "Why Are We Having All These People From Shithole Countries Come Here?" submitted by ludwigvon to politics

SebuttYopick 0 points 17 points (+17|-0) ago

Libya a shithole? yes check its a shithole and destroyed by Hillary Clinton..Haiti a shithole? yes, check. Paksitani a shithole that supported terrorists, yes check its a shithole is it not shithole? Is Brazil a shithole, yes check its a shithole full of hoodrat criminals? Sierra Leone, yhes its a disgusted diseased AIDs ridden shithole! Yup Cameroon, thats another shithole? Iran yes that's the shithole who says Death to America. Saudi Arabia that's the rich terrorist shithole who pay other terrorists to attack and kill Americans. Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala....yup they are shitholes not quiet islamo retard but over run by corruption, civil wars and drug dealer criminals!! Arabia in general, yes that's an islamist jihadi terror living shithole. Asscrackistan a shithole? yes its a shithole!! Honduras is that a criminal drug dealing gangster shithole, yup its a shithole!! Is Kenya a shit hole? yes its a shithole is it not!? Is Somalia a shithole, yes check its a shithole is it not?

Norway: Muslim immigrant father rapes own daughter, teaches her a lesson for sleeping around submitted by GorNos to news

SebuttYopick 0 points 17 points (+17|-0) ago

the prophet of islam was a schizophrenic madman killer and rapist, when idiots read the Quran/Koran over and over again...his madness infects their brains

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Finns and foreigners #PersonalSpace submitted by anomRandom to pics

SebuttYopick 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

Swedish don't count ... as Scandinavian?

Finns and foreigners #PersonalSpace submitted by anomRandom to pics

SebuttYopick 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago Truck of islamic diversity ...some moslem got in a Van or Truck and tried to kill get as close to as many Native Swedish as possible...he done this while screaming a war cry claiming 'the Moongod al-Lah is superior!!'.... truck of peace

EllenPao: Would be good for the ecosystem if the VC firm self-reported and ended its "sex parties," - when I say rich and powerful people: [the people] were really fucking rich & powerful people submitted by SebuttYopick to pizzagate

SebuttYopick 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago

Pao was supposedly getting ready for an internet dictator but what follow gets worse, she didnt fit the vision...Huffmann and the other CEOs got the conspiracy topic deleted...Pizzagate Paul Biggar? “What’s not O.K. about this scene is that it is so money- and power-dominated,” she said in Chang’s excerpt. “It’s a problem because it’s an abuse of power. I would never do it again.” High-profile investors, executives and technology founders in Silicon Valley have been taking part in monthly “drug-heavy, sex-heavy” parties, according to revelations from a new book. Elon Musk Attended Lewd Silicon Valley Party, But Says He Saw No Sex. On January 10, Paul Biggar, another Silicon Valley investor, confirmed some of Chang's details about the party in a blog post, reporting that it took place at venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson's house. He also said that he personally saw Musk there (though he did note that he didn't see any sex or drugs). According to Biggar, the party was a corporate sponsored event, officially hosted by Jurvetson's former company, DFJ (from which Jurvetson resigned, in November, after allegations of sexual harassment). Right Richter: The new conspiracy theory that's bigger than Pizzagate? Did an elite Silicon Valley VC party feature sex and drugs? “Brotopia” says yes Steve Jurvetson, the “J” in the firm’s initials, left DFJ last year “by mutual consent” for unspecified reasons. Axios obtained text from the book reporting that Jurvetson, a one-time director at SpaceX and Tesla, was the host of the party. How the party has been described

Entrepreneur Paul Biggar wrote on Medium on Jan. 10 that the party, described in an excerpt adapted from Brotopia in Vanity Fair, was “way worse than it sounds.” The account in Vanity Fair tells of a party at the home of an unnamed venture capitalist. In Silicon Valley, Chang writes, such events “may be devoted primarily to drugs and sexual activity, others may boast just pockets of it, and some guests can be caught unawares.” The June 2017 invitation for this one asked partygoers to wear “glamazon adventurer, safari chic and jungle tribal attire.” Elon Musk reveals he attended a 'drug-fueled Silicon Valley sex party' at an investor's home - but insists he left early and thought it was only a 'costume-themed' gatheringBloomberg TV anchor Emily Chang has spent the past two years writing her book, Brotopia, on the inner workings of Silicon Valley's sex partiesIn one specific party, in June of 2017, an account by an anonymous woman 'Jane Doe' claims she attended a corporate drug-fueled sex partyThe party was held at the now former DFJ investor, Steve Jurvetson's home Read more: Silicon Valley ‘sex party’ furore: Irish tech founder speaks out..Elon Musk Admits He Attended Sex Party, But That "No Sex Happened While He Was There" and nobody believes him “We would never want anyone to feel uncomfortable and we are sorry if that happened,” said the firm. Emily Chang, a former Bloomberg anchor who has lifted the lid on a world of bacchanalian excess and at the highest levels of the Silicon Valley tech scene