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Greatest race on earth, submitted: 9/4/2015 2:44:54 PM, 47 points (+52|-5)

Robert "LaVoy" Finicum's last interview with The Oregonian on the day before his death, submitted: 1/28/2016 1:57:06 AM, 36 points (+36|-0)

Motorcyles escape chopper, submitted: 9/4/2015 10:05:36 PM, 27 points (+29|-2)

Millennials, submitted: 11/5/2016 1:47:53 PM, 22 points (+23|-1)

Ed Debevic's rude waitress, submitted: 8/18/2015 1:54:08 AM, 19 points (+22|-3)

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Murder at Malheur: The Shot Heard Around the World, submitted: 1/28/2016 2:05:32 AM, -1 points (+3|-4)

Making Music, submitted: 7/12/2018 3:49:46 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Malheur refuge trial verdic, submitted: 10/28/2016 2:25:54 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Texas police, submitted: 8/15/2015 1:03:10 AM, 1 points (+4|-3)

Nicole Arbour offensive video, submitted: 8/23/2015 7:21:15 AM, 1 points (+2|-1)

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/pol/ found the MAGA hat snatcher submitted by knije_tahou to news

Seansean 1 points 75 points (+76|-1) ago

/pol/ found the MAGA hat snatcher submitted by knije_tahou to news

Seansean 0 points 24 points (+24|-0) ago

Report: Harley-Davidson Laying Off Hundreds of American Workers, Sending Jobs to Thailand | Breitbart submitted by wgtt911 to news

Seansean 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago

Harley has been a failing business for a while. They lost touch with america. The bikes cost more than a base model truck and then in 2018 release a motor that goes against what Harley is envisioned as and kill of some of their best lines of motor-cycles. At the exact same time they changed their frame to fugly, forgetting why everyone loved the old soft-tails. Then they wonder why they are dying. They literately could start making 80's and 90's bikes with more displacement and would make a killing. RIP

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We're saying goodbye to global restrictions based on SCP and CCP submitted by Atko to announcements

Seansean 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Now that I can down vote, everyone have one except Atko. He gets an upvoat. Jk

When I'm in night mode, pls verify my bits in night mode... Voat just fried my retinas!! submitted by AtheistComic to ideasforvoat

Seansean 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Why not just make it dark themed, I don't think it would bother anyone.

deleted by user submitted by SomeScientologist to politics

Seansean 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago

Only corrupt politicians would.